Easter Weekend

Happy Monday! Our Easter weekend was full of family {since we are staying at my parents’}, a little bit of relaxation, and some work on our house. We were hoping we’d get moved back into the house today but it looks like it will be Wednesday before we can get back in.


Apparently, staying at MeMe and Boo’s is exhausting. You know, playing outside all day and sleeping on the back of the couch is pretty exhausting.


On Saturday, we headed over to the house to work on our DIY shutters and get the grass cut. We couldn’t go in, though, because they had put the finish on the floors that morning!


Big boy got a much needed haircut. I’m ashamed of how homeless he looked.


After a couple of hours of working at the house, we went back to my parents for pizza and a little fetch with the dogs.


Easter morning at church with my best frann.


After church, we had lunch at my aunt’s house.


When we picked Stein up from the groomer on Saturday, they had a sign on the door that they’d be open on Easter. I thought to myself that it was ridiculous for them to be open. Why would anyone need to go to Petsmart on Easter?

Well, I went to feed the dogs Sunday morning and their food bin was completely empty. I guess Cory forgot to tell me that he used it all when feeding them Saturday night. I guess that’s why they are open on Easter. As much as I hate their employees had to work, my furbabies sure were glad to get Easter dinner.

How was your Easter?

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8 thoughts on “Easter Weekend

  1. We’ve had our dogs groomed on Easter before :) haha
    Our dogs are looking so homeless right now, I’m afraid Dog-protective services would take them. Cant get in for a MONTH … ugh!!!
    Glad you had a great easter. You look fantastic in your dress :)

  2. Looks like y’all had a busy Easter weekend!

    I can not wait to see what y’all are doing with the house, it’s gonna look so good! And that Petsmart story is too funny. I always feel bad when the employees have to work on holidays but sometimes it comes in handy. hOpe y’all are having a good week and will be moving back home tomorrow!

  3. you look gorgeous! love how the pup got worn out–that was too cute. and i swear your dog was smiling in that pic with you! thank you so much for your comments on yesterday’s post. your words are a comfort.

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