DIY Lamp Makeover

Y’all, our bedroom is so close to being done especially after Cory surprised me while I was at the beach this past weekend with a DIY headboard. The transformation is almost unbelievable and I can’t wait to share it all. While looking for pieces to complete our room, I was on a mad hunt for lamps since we got rid of our old $20 Walmart lamp/night stands.

Apparently, I’ve never purchased a lamp {come to think of it, I haven’t} and had no idea how ridiculously expensive they are. The cheapest ones at Home Goods were around $50 a piece and I needed two.


So we went with out lamps for a couple weeks while I pondered what to do with our lamp situation {which drove my ambiance loving husband insane}. That was until Lisa inspired me to try a DIY Lamp Makeover.

DIY thrift store lamp makeover

I scoured our local thrift shops looking for two similar lamps, that would be the right height, and came up with one I thought would work ringing in at $6. Hoping to find one similar, I decided to take my chances and go ahead and purchase it.

Of course, I ended up not being able to find another at a thrift store but found a very similar one at Walmart for only $12.

recycling lamp

After cleaning the lamp with a damp cloth, I used grocery bags and painters tape to secure the areas I didn’t want painted.

Cheap Lamps

Krylong Colormaster Paint and Primer

With my painting station set up in the garage and my new favorite spray paint in hand, I started spraying away the gold goodness.

painted lamp

I did two very light coats to prevent the paint from running and let the lamp dry about a minute in between each coat. Once done spraying, I let it dry for one hour before removing the tape, throwing on a lamp shade and calling it a day on the easiest DIY I think I’ve ever done.

Seriously. The hardest part was finding the lamps.

DIY Lamp bedside lampslamps diy home decor

I honestly can’t believe the difference a little spray paint made. And the cost? Well, let’s just add it up…

  • Lamps- $18
  • Spray Paint- $4
  • Lamp Shades- $14

Bringing the total to $36 for TWO lamps. What a deal! Next time I need a lamp, I’ll head to the thrift store and do another DIY Lamp Makeover.

DIY Lamp Makeover Before and After

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  • Look at you and all your DIY projects- this looks fantastic!! Makes me want to redo a lamp :)

  • You are killing with the DIYs lately – and they are all flawless!! I love spray PAINTING things and giving them a FACE LIFT!! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  • Wow, this looks fantastic! I’ve been sick of my boring lamp for so long but couldn’t justify buying a new one since it still works…I will definitely follow your lead to make it prettier!

  • Yep… you’re going to be on HGTV one day! :)

    I am loving these posts as I’m getting ready to tackle my room.
    Lamps are HARDDDDDDD to find so I love this idea of making one work especially for your room.
    I’ve seen great tutorials on redoing the lamp shade too.

  • i love a good diy. SPRAY PAINT can fix anything!

  • I am super impressed! That looks fantastic and I ABSOLUTELY love your print!

  • Oh, very cool!!! It turned out so great. Love the more matte finish on the lamp. I was just looking at some tired lamps I had, thinking they needed a face lift. Bingo!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  • Love a good DIY! I can’t count the number of things around my house that I have spray painted gold. When in doubt, gold spray paint.

  • seriously, i have never purchased a lamp either – we got some cheap floor lamps from target or walmart (they are not cute, lol) but for all my table lamps – goodwill for the win. my mum bought me a lamp from target for my birthday, it was $30 and i was like.. so much for a stupid lamp!

  • It looks fabulous, love how you just made your own :) I need to buy some of that spray paint. I bet I’d go crazy!

  • i absolutely love this lamp! makes me want to do a lamp makeover at my house! :)

  • It looks so good! Lamps are ridiculously expensive so go on girl with your thrifty self! Love!


    • idk why my caps lock is on hAha sorry about that!

  • Julie joy

    This is just awesome! At this time, we don’t even have a night stand, dresser, or lamps in our room and it drives me nuts! I definitely think I will be looking at doing a DIY lamp or two when the time comes!

  • A gal after my own heart … when in doubt, spray paint it gold! Love the look. Thanks for linking up to the Pretty Preppy Party this month! xx, b @

  • Love this! So simple, but it looks great. Adding thrifting to my weekend to-do’s.