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Remember a few weeks ago when I promised I would do a tutorial for the DIY cupcake stand I made for Kaylen’s 1st birthday? Well, here it is!

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get in on here but things were cray cray right after the party trying to get Cory ready for Africa. This past week I’ve been the clingy wife I said I wasn’t because I’ve been so happy to have him home.

Anyway…back to the tutorial.

When Jessica and I were planning the party, we knew we wanted two cupcake stands. Have you ever tried to find cute cupcake stands? They don’t exist. So, I turned to Pinterest. Of course. What it led me to was some really easy, cheap ways to make my own DIY cupcake stand.

Here’s what I used-minus the candle sticks. I didn’t have them when I took these pictures and forgot to get pictures of them. I just picked up four brass candlesticks at our Habitat for Humanity store. I got two pairs that were a little bit different in height.

I found most of the plates at Big Lots and the rest at thrift stores.

After scuffing up the plates with a Scotch Brite pad, Cory sprayed them with primer and paint. If I’m using spray paint, 9 times out of 10 he sprays for me. I always spray way too much and then it runs and isn’t pretty. 

  I’m so thankful for a husband who goes along with all my DIY attempts.

And this is where the problem started. The plate on the far left was glass and I actually found another one just like it at a different thrift store. After Cory painted them, we brought them inside for the night and when I woke up the next morning, both plates were cracked right down the middle. Since I’m no professional, I have no idea why they cracked. It was really humid outside when we Cory painted them and I’m thinking it had something to do with bringing them in the cool air condition for the night. With my two bottom plates out, my Mom saved the day and had two matching plastic platters. Cory primed and sprayed them for me and problem solved!

After the candlesticks and plates were painted and dry, I used E6000 glue to assemble the plates and the candlesticks. Since this was the night before the party, I decided to wait to get pictures of them in use. They are cupcake stands, after all.

And voila!

Aren’t they cute? I paid less than $20 for all the supplies and can reuse them for any occasion.

If you’d like to see the full party recap, you can here.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial how to make a DIY cupcake stand!

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