DIY Chevron Pumpkin

After my fall mantel post last week, I had some requests to share my DIY Chevron Pumpkin tutorial. I actually took these pictures last year when I did the pumpkin but never got around to doing the tutorial. The pictures aren’t the greatest but hopefully they’ll do the job!

DIY Chevron Pumpkin

Supplies you’ll need for your chevron pumpkin:

  • A pumpkin {real or artificial-I used an artificial one}
  • Frog tape {or any type of painter’s tape}
  • Scissors
  • Paint {I used regular craft, acrylic paint}
  • Foam paint brush
  • X-acto knife

Chevron Pumpkin Tutorial

To start, you’ll need to decide how big or small you’d like your chevron pattern and cut your tape accordingly- I cut mine 3 1/2 inches long. Make sure the pieces of tape are the same size so your chevron is the same size.

Chevron Pumpkin Tuturial

To begin your chevron pattern, line up your first two pieces of tape and create a point {overlapping the tape} by making right angles. I’m sure there is a more precise way to do it, but I just eyeballed mine. In hindsight, I would have started in the center of my pumpkin to help make the spacing more even.

DIY Chevron Pumpkin

Repeat until you’ve gone all the way around your pumpkin, smoothing as you go to ensure a tight adhesion. Once you have added your desired rows of tape, it should look like this…

Chevron Pumpkin Tutorial

After your entire pumpkin is taped off, you can start painting it. I painted the entire pumpkin, stem and bottom, and tried to dab the paint on with a foam brush to try and minimize brush strokes. It took two or three coats to get it fully covered. Make sure you allow the pumpkin to dry in between coats.

Chevron Pumpkin

We waited for it to completely dry {like overnight} before we started to peel the tape off.

DIY Chevron Pumpkin Chevron Pumpkin DIY

Once the paint was completely dry, Cory used an x-acto knife to help get up under the tape and pull it away without messing up the paint. He did this part because I tend to cut myself whenever I use an x-acto knife.

DIY Chevron Pumpkin

As you can tell, the paint did bleed a little and spacing of the chevron isn’t perfect but I’m okay with it all because I love the way my Chevron Pumpkin turned out!

Chevron PumpkinChevron Pumpkin DIYPainted pumpkins Chevron PumpkinsChevron Pumpkin tutorialPainted pumpkin tutorial

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  1. What a great idea, Paige! I will definitely have to show this to one of my friends. She is crazy for chevron. This was a very creative idea. It looks great up there with your banner!

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