Deco Mesh Wreaths

Fall Deco Mesh WreathLast fall, I started browsing Pinterest and Etsy in search of a wreath. I discovered these things called deco mesh wreaths and loved them.

What I didn’t love was the price tag on them. I get that wreath making is some people’s livelihood and they are totally worth it, but I couldn’t bring myself to pay $100+ on a wreath. I was shocked at the prices I was seeing and decided that I definitely picked the wrong career.

I kept looking through Etsy and I thought to myself “I could make this.” So I got on YouTube and watched about 349 videos on how to make a deco mesh wreath.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating.  Maybe.

My first wreath was u-g-l-y. A deco mesh wreath FAIL. I tried making a Clemson wreath and it just didn’t turn out like I envisioned. For some reason, I put it up again this year. Maybe to remind myself that I did get better or maybe because it’s the only Clemson wreath I have.

Clemson Deco Mesh Wreath

*Note to self, make a new Clemson wreath. So I watched a few more videos and browsed around on Etsy {again} to get ideas and went at it again.

My second wreath was a bit more successful, don’t ya think?

Halloween Deco Mesh WreathOnce I posted these on my Facebook, I had people, mostly family, start asking if I could make them one. One thing I learned very quickly is to order early. As ridiculous as it sounds, order Halloween/fall supplies in the summer and Christmas supplies in early fall. Evidently, I was behind last year and had a hard time finding the supplies I needed.

I also forgot to take pictures of the first couple of wreaths I did for other people, so you get to see grainy phone pictures. My bad.

Christmas Wreath

This one isn’t deco mesh, obviously, but it is one of my favorites that I’ve done. I really wish I had remembered to take pictures before I delivered it.

Christmas Deco Mesh WreathChristmas Poly Burlap Wreath

My Mom loves red birds and her Christmas decor is very rustic so I made this wreath out of poly burlap. It is a mesh but has the look of burlap. I took pictures of her wreath but they were pretty bad. Pretty sure it was at night and I had the lights on.  Again, my bad.

I promise, I’ve gotten better at my picture taking skills.

Christmas Deco Mesh Wreath

This is my Christmas wreath and I’m a little completely obsessed with it. I adore Christmas time and just looking at this picture makes me ready to start decorating my house.

Okay…back to deco mesh.

After Christmas, I planned on making one for Valentine’s, spring, summer, etc. but I really don’t decorate other than fall and Christmas. Once summer got here, we were so busy that all plans to make one went out the window. Towards the end of the summer, I posted on Facebook that I would be selling them this year {since I had some interest from the year before} and I’ve had enough orders to keep me busy.

Keep in mind, I work full time, run a blog, and have a life so I don’t have much free time but have been able to make a couple so far.

Georgia Deco Mesh WreathGeorgia Deco Mesh WreathGeorgia Deco Mesh WreathThis Georgia wreath wasn’t my favorite. First, it’s a Georgia wreath and I’m a Clemson fan. Ahem. Second, I felt like it need something more but couldn’t come up with anything. The lady I made it for loved it so I guess it was just my picky eye. The pictures were taken with my phone because Cory had my camera in Africa, so excuse the quality.

Fall Deco Mesh WreathFall Deco Mesh WreathFall Deco Mesh WreathFall Deco Mesh WreathFall Deco Mesh WreathI liked this one so much, I almost kept it for myself. Too bad my last name doesn’t start with an “H”.
Fall Deco Mesh WreathFall Deco Mesh WreathFall Deco Mesh WreathFall Deco Mesh WreathFall Deco Mesh WreathThis beauty is my fall wreath. I found this owl and had to have it. I’m loving all the owl decor this fall. I think that I’ve come a long way in my wreath making abilities. I’ve seen some amazing wreaths and I know mine are nowhere near the same level yet, but I might get there someday!

Just remember, don’t give up if you don’t succeed on the first try {cliche, I know}  but I would be missing out on some pretty rockin’ wreaths if I had stopped after the ugly Clemson wreath.

I’m working on a witch wreath right now and should have it finished before the end of the week. I’m hoping {fingers crossed} to do a tutorial on it. I’ve been taking pictures of each step but I need to get them on the computer and see if they will work. It’s hard to take pictures of yourself making a wreath!

Hope y’all have a good week!

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11 thoughts on “Deco Mesh Wreaths

  1. How do you secure your letter to you wreath, I just started learning to make the deco wreaths and I am making a small wreath, I have a letter H but its much smaller than what you used in your picture. I am afraid to glue it, thinking it might melt my mesh. I want it on the very front, I am at a lost. Please help.

    1. In the past, I have hot glued them to the front of my wreath and while it doesn’t melt it, I was never happy with the placement. What I started doing what hot gluing floral wire to the back of my letter and attaching it to the wreath frame with the wire. I’ve gotten much better results because it can be adjusted easily.

      There are tons of videos on YouTube that will walk you through each step and how to make the wreaths. Just search for “deco mesh wreath tutorial” on YouTube or Google.

  2. Your H wreath that looks like your fall wreath.. Is that poly burlap that you used? Where can I find that? I absolutely love it!!

  3. The wreath looks great. I too made some on my own. I still have some deco mesh left that I bought for wreaths creation from Papermart. I know deco mesh is a very versatile material that is excellent for a huge variety of projects. So may be I’ll use them for some other project too.

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