Closet Makeover 

Happy Tuesday, friends. This weekend, Cory and I had an extra long weekend, so we tackled the first stage of getting the nursery started…a closet makeover. Ironically enough, this really didn’t involve the nursery at all! When we first moved into our house, almost 6 years ago, Cory and I both had a ridiculous amount of clothes, so I took the master closet and dresser and he used the guest bedroom closet, dresser, and chest of drawers. And it’s worked out very well for us.

Now that Hot Pie is planning on making her entrance into the world in a few short months, we plan on using the guest bedroom as her nursery–meaning that Cory’s stuff had to be cleared out! Seeing as how our office has no extra room {maybe I’ll get around to sharing what we’ve done in there sometime in the next year or so}, our only solution was to finally have him move his stuff into our bedroom and I had to give up my big walk-in closet all to myself.

This baby better be cute.

Just kidding.

closet makeover before

If you follow me on Snapchat {@reasonstch}, you may have already seen a few of these pictures but here’s what we started with. I guess I could have straightened it up before I snapped some pictures. By the way, these were all taken with my iPhone because allergies had me feeling pretty run down all weekend and I just didn’t even think about taking decent pictures with my DSLR.

Plus, it’s a closet. Pretty hard to photograph.

closet makeover before

Just for your information, Cory is the one who puts my shoes on the rack like that backwards. Who does that???

closet makeover

As you can see, there is a lot of wasted space above all my clothes. At some point, there was another shelf there but it was gone before we ever moved in.

small closet makeover

You can’t really see it in this picture but there is also a wasted corner on the left because that metal bar went all the way to the wall.

small closet makeover img_8456-2

He was just so thrilled to be using dry wall mud again.

walk-in closet makever

Early in the day on Friday, we had all the shelves out, the dry wall mud was drying and the rest had been painted Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore {the same color as our bedroom}. Our original plan was to install this unit from IKEA. But once we started putting it together, we realized it was much bigger than we thought and took up the entire closet.

So we took it back down, packed it back up and now have to take it all the way back to Atlanta to return it. Bummer! But I plan on exchanging it for the dresser for the nursery while I’m there.

closet makeover

We went back to the drawing board and after going back and forth with a few ideas, we decided these wire shelves from Lowe’s would be our best bet {and easiest!} because they had corner shelves you could buy.

I feel like I should preface this picture by saying that while we were doing this, Cory and I both switched out our summer and winter clothes. We both have significantly less summer clothes and they take up a lot less room.

But on top of that, we purged almost 4 bags of clothes to get rid of.

closet makeover

I know this isn’t the best picture but I will try and share how we organized everything with better pictures. I should also note that our coats and my dresses are in the office closet and we also have a dresser in our bedroom.

Our house doesn’t have the most space but it’s cozy and we will keep making it work!

6 thoughts on “Closet Makeover 

  1. That baby better be cute… haha… I so laughed at that.

    I actually like the shoes backwards on the rack – you can see them better. Give Cory a pat on the back for that one.

    I so cant wait to move my closet over from winter to summer so I can get rid of so much STUFFFFFFFF.
    & I think if Ricky & I had to share a closet, we’d be divorced. The man is a true diva with his clothes. Literally – he has over 75 pairs of GOOD jeans… not even counting his work pants.

  2. Looking good! Perfect time for spring cleaning and pre-baby cleaning, too! There are no closets in our apartment–we use a little hanging rack in our bedroom, and then there’s a built-in wardrobe in the office that we hang other stuff in. It works, but it’s a good thing we didn’t have much stuff when we came here because there’s not really a ton of space to keep it in.

  3. What a difference those shelves make! Turned out great!! I really hope in our new house we will have some more closet space because we had to do the same thing with utilizing the spare room and with The new baby we may not have that option anymore!

  4. that closet is seriously huge haha compared to ours. lol @ this baby better be cute. i’m sure she won’t mind if you use a bit of her closet, she won’t mind for like 18 years lol

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