Christmas Vacation in Austin

The first part of our Christmas break, Cory and I headed to Austin to spend a few days with his brother.

Flight to Austin

I feel like I don’t even have a right to say this because our tickets were a gift from Cory’s mom but what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t warn you about positive and negative experiences? I will keep it short and simple, and if you’d like to know more, I’d be happy to answer any questions in a private email but I would NOT recommend flying with Frontier Airlines. Cory and I both decided after just one flight with them that we’d never fly with them again.

And trust me, between the two of us, we’ve spent a lot of time on airplanes flying back and forth to Rwanda the past three years.

I think we are overĀ airports for a few months!

Unfortunately, as soon as we landed on Saturday, Cory came down with some kind of virus and it stuck with him the whole trip. So, we had a lazy Sunday afternoon, delivering Christmas gifts to Caleb, watching football and napping on the couch!

Sunday night, we headed to Caleb’s company Christmas party, which was also an ugly sweater contest. Both of our sweaters are ones thatĀ Caleb has previously worn {and won with!}.

I’m proud to say he is the reigning champion for another year!

I never realized how much they look alike until I saw this picture!

Monday was spent eating BBQ, watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens {which I have to say I enjoyed after Cory made me watch all of the Star Wars movies over the past week in preparation}, and helping Caleb finish up a Christmas gift for his family. I would share it, because it’s really good, but I know all the gifts haven’t been delivered yet.

Top Golf

Once we got back to the apartment, we were trying to decide how to spend our last night in Austin when I asked if they had a Top Golf around because I remembered Lisa mentioning it a few times.

Turns out, everyone was super excited about my recommendation and we ended up having a blast! And Cory finally got his chicken and waffles!

Why don’t we have fun stuff like this in SC???

It may have taken me a few tries {or six} but I ended up being fairly decent considering it was only the second time I’ve ever swung a golf club.

Top Golf 2

Despite a short trip and a yucky virus, we always enjoy our time with Caleb. Until next time, Austin!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Vacation in Austin

  1. Oh gosh – I hate to fly anyways so when I know an airlines isn’t the greatest anyways – NOPE – not even going to ever try them.

    Glad you got to get in a fun trip.

    Love Pfelix going after the sweater :) haha… harvey dent would have that torn up in 3…2…1… YEP

  2. I’ve flown with Frontier Airlines before and totally agree – never again. Bummer that Caleb was sick, but looks like you guys still made the best of your time together! Top Golf looks so fun, we need this cool stuff in MI, too!

  3. Sorry to hear about cory gettjng sick and having a Bad flight experience! Although it sounds like the rest of the trip made up for it!

  4. Sorry you had a bad flying experience! That’s always frustrating. The rest of the trip sounds like it was pretty festive, though, and those sweaters are something else! :P

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