Christmas Cards 2016

With a whopping 4 days to spare, this mama got her Christmas cards in the mail! Whew! Talk about a tight deadline! I’ve had them for about two weeks now but we ended up going out of town last weekend¬†and it threw me off my schedule a little.

Christmas cards

Are you tired of hearing about our wonderful photographer yet? I hope not because I have to rave again about how good Chase Todd did with our Christmas tree farm session and designing our cards for us. I typically like to do that myself but it sure was nice not having to this year!

Christmas cards

Can we talk about Baker’s hair for a second? Look at it glowing in the sun!

Christmas card

Last year, I used Minted and had the addresses printed for me and the year before, I printed them myself. Since I didn’t have time this year to do much of anything, they got a red pen and my sloppy writing. Hopefully people didn’t pay attention to my writing and just looked at the cute babe on the card!

Christmas card

And here a few of my favorite takes from our tree farm session!

From our family to yours, we wish you the merriest of Christmases!

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8 thoughts on “Christmas Cards 2016

  1. Your sweet family… I dont even know you all in real life, but I just adore you all!!! <3
    Before I even read your comment, I was like, THE SUN – IN THAT HAIR!!! :) she's like a glowing angel baby!!!
    I wish you all a wonderful Christmas & know you are going to love seeing it through your daughter's eyes this year. Hugs to you all!

  2. These are beautiful! Everything is just so perfect- your outfits, the setting, oh, & that pretty girl’s hair!!! Great pictures.

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