Christmas 2013

I can’t believe that Christmas has already come and gone. I know I’m behind with my recap of our Christmas but we’ve been so busy. It’s been ridiculous.

I think this year was officially the longest we’ve ever celebrated Christmas. We started the Sunday before and finished up the next Sunday in Asheville. Even though it was non-stop for over a week, Cory and I are so blessed to have so much family to celebrate with.

Christmas Eve

We started off with dinner at Opal and Doug’s {Cory’s grandparents} to exchange gifts with his dads side of the family.

Looks like Opal should have gotten all the boys play dough.

After dinner, we headed to my parents house and Gracie and Taylor {my niece} both got to open a present from me and Cory.

Christmas Morning

Ever since Cory and I got married, we have spent Christmas Eve at my parents so we can be there when Gracie and my brothers get up in the morning. This year, my older sister Jayme and Taylor spent the night too.

She didn’t really get anything from VS. Santa ran out of boxes. Ahem.

The expressions of pure joy when Jordan opened his iPad and Gracie opened her tablet.

Chaos that was Christmas.

Christmas Dinner

Christmas day was a little different for us this year. We normally go to my grandmothers for lunch but we celebrated with her the Sunday before where this happened. You know you wanna check it out…just come back! Since we didn’t have lunch with her, we had a big breakfast at my parents house, took a nap, headed home to get ready for dinner at Granny Betty’s {Cory’s grandmother} to exchange gifts with his moms side of the family.

I was testing the lighting and wasn’t paying attention to my model and this is what I got.

Christmas in Asheville

Saturday afternoon, Cory and I met my parents in Asheville and we spent the night with my Papa and Barbara, went to church with them on Sunday morning and did Christmas with them in the afternoon. It was the first time we’ve all been in Asheville for Christmas in a long time but was so nice! We laughed and ate. A lot.

Crazy child.

Cory won’t throw glass away because he says it’s too good of a material so Barbara re-gifted the empty apple juice jug from breakfast that morning.
She was so excited. Precious.
Well, Dad was ready.

Even though Christmas now seems like a distant memory, I really wanted to get this post up. It’s important to me to document these memories because Lord knows my brain won’t remember them in even a few short months.

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