The Most Emotional Weekend Yet. 

You guys, this weekend was rough on this hormonal, emotional mama. Friday, I was sitting at work when Cory called. Do you ever have those moments when as soon as you pick up the phone, you know something is wrong? The type of phone call that no mother or wife ever wants to get? Yeah, it was one of those.


His first words were “I was just in a bad wreck. I flipped my truck.” I responded with “Where are you? I’m on my way.” Before I hung up, I did think to ask if he was okay and he said “Yeah, I’m out of my truck.” I hung up the phone, grabbed my purse and ran out of my office…

…only to remember that half of Clemson was shut down due to a triathlon. So I called my mom, who was less than two miles away, and asked her to go until I could get there. She called back when she got there to say he was okay, out of his truck, walking and talking with a paramedic. She reminded me to slow down and take my time getting there. What normally would been a 25-minute drive took me close to 45 minutes and that was the longest 45 minutes of my life, y’all.


As I came up to the scene of the wreck, even though I knew he was okay, I couldn’t help but panic again. Firetrucks where everywhere, traffic was backed up, and his truck was flipped on its side. I found him, wrapped my arms around him and didn’t want to let go.


By the grace of God, Cory walked away from this wreck. It could have been so much worse than it was but his seat belt and the airbags protected him as he flipped and slid about 50 feet.


He had refused to go the hospital at the scene of the wreck because he didn’t want to leave before I got there but I convinced him to get checked out Friday evening. And I’m thankful he went. They were able to give him some medication to help with the soreness and he’s definitely been glad he had them. I think after the initial adrenaline wore off, he realized just how sore he really was and it’s only gotten worse over the weekend.


My boy was in this, y’all.

He was a part of this jumbled up mess of glass, parts of his dashboard and yes, even blueberry pie his grandmother had made. He was pretty upset about the pie. You don’t let a good blueberry pie go to waste like that! You guys, it was evvveerrywherrrre. He was even finding it on himself. Bless it.


Just in case your husband flipping his truck while you are 6 months pregnant is not enough to make you wanna sit down to a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and sob your eyes out, I also had to say goodbye to the home I grew up in Friday evening. {By the way, it doesn’t even look like Cory just flipped his truck hours before, does it?} My parents have had their house on the market for a few months and this past Friday, they closed on my childhood home, had it completely empty and were leaving the key for the next owner. Minus my older sister, we all met up there to say goodbye to the place we’ve all called home over the past 22+ years. The house we’ve now dubbed as “the farm” holds almost all of my childhood memories from roaming around on the 15+ acres we had, exploring the creeks and pond, playing on hay bales, hanging out in the barn with my friends {yes, we did that}, summers in the pool, proms, high school graduation, college graduation, getting married and moving out and of course, we can’t forget that I have spent every single Christmas there, even since Cory and I got married.

But my parents, just being the two of them and my younger sister now, no longer needed this big ‘ole house and since they no longer have horses or cows, the land just became more hassle to keep up. They are both really excited to get into a smaller place, where it doesn’t take all day to clean and the yard can be cut in 30 minutes and I’m so happy that they have found the perfect little house for them. And I can’t forget to mention that it is literally in our neighborhood, one street up. Some people would HATE living so close to their parents but me? I love it! I’ve always been super close to my parents, and so is Cory, so we don’t mind them being almost in our backyard.

By the way, don’t I just have the most beautiful family? I know I’m biased and super sappy after Friday but I’m just so thankful for this group of people. I literally could not do life without them! So, hug your family a little tighter tonight. Tell your husband you love him, kiss him before he leaves, snuggle at night and praise God when he is kept safe. It’s these things we all take for granted but as we learned on Friday, they can be taken away in an instant.

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Happy Tuesday, y’all. I’m actually doing a weekend recap because for the first time in a long time, we actually did a few things this weekend! It sure has left me one tired Mama, though. I’m really struggling this morning!

Friday night, after work, I met a few of my favorite ladies at Uptown Art for a paint session.


I’ve never done this before but let’s just say, I’m definitely NOT an artist.

img_8177-1 img_8178 img_8179-1

But, we did have a great time!


Saturday, we headed out for a few things for our gender reveal (eek!) and some things that Cory needed. I’ve done so well not to buy anything baby but I couldn’t pass up this little onesie!


And for the first time in months, I had dinner in an actual restaurant. That’s big, y’all.


Yesterday, I got really brave and we headed to IKEA in Atlanta. In order to get the baby’s room started, we need to make more room in my closet for Cory’s clothes as well as organize our office. After nearly two years of eyeing this baby, it came home with us yesterday!


By the end of the day, I was exhausted!

img_8197-1 img_8198

So I grabbed this to help! So yummy!


We had to ride like this all the way home from Atlanta, but we managed to get all the boxes to fit in my car!

And even though it was almost 8:00pm before we got home, my sweet boy went ahead and put my new shelves up. I can’t wait to fill them up and get all my stuff organized!

So what did you do this weekend? Be sure to check back tomorrow for my 14-week bumpdate!

Weekending | Christmas Style

Happy Monday even though I’m at work today and my weekend went by entirely way too quickly. But goodness, was it full of all kinds of Christmas goodness! I’m not one to really wish away weeks but I’m ready for this week to hurry up and be over! I’ve got a four day week and then start my Christmas vacation. I think I can make it!

I didn’t take a ton of pictures this weekend because I really tried to be present with all my family but here’s a few tidbits of what we got into!


Every year, Cory and I go spend the night at my grandparents house and watch It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s one of our favorite traditions! Plus, they feed us like we are starving college kids. You just can’t beat a home cooked meal!


Saturday afternoon, we had our first family Christmas party at my other grandparents house in Greenville, which was way more delicious food and afterwards we went to Roper Mountain Lights.


I wouldn’t really recommend them. We sat in line for almost an hour and it just wasn’t really worth it but we still had fun with my family {even though you can’t see them all back there!}.


On Sunday, the band decided to have their Ugly Christmas sweater day. Check out Selah looking at the reindeer on Cory’s shoulder.


These guys are nuts, you guys! But I’m so thankful to have this group of friends in our life.


Once we got home from lunch with the band, I finally made my Christmas wreath. I kept it simple but I really like the way it pops against our door.


And the rest of the day was spent doing this right here! Cory was shocked when he found out I had never seen any of the Star Wars movies so he’s forcing me to watch all of them before the new comes out. :) A day laying on the couch, snuggling with my pups and watching a movie? I didn’t hate it!

How was your weekend? Have you started any of your Christmas traditions yet?

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