Five on Friday: Beach Bag Essentials

Five on Friday

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Today is the happiest of Fridays y’all because in less than 12 hours, hubs and I will on our way to the coast of Carolina to enjoy a few days of sun and sand! Understatement of the year would be to say that we are ready for a vacation. We are in need of a vacation. It was spontaneously planned two days ago and those of you that really know me, know that I don’t do spontaneous. I plan and search and budget and worry if we are making the right decision. Can we really afford it? Is it a waste of money? What could we be doing with our time otherwise?

But all that went out the window on Tuesday when Cory sent me a text message and mentioned that he would really like to take a vacation especially after the past couple weeks we’ve had. Cory is not a huge fan of the beach so as soon as he mentioned going, {because he knows how much I enjoy it…seriously, y’all.} I didn’t waste any time and was booking a hotel before I even had a chance to second guess myself.

Since I will be spending the next three days listening to the ocean, I thought I’d share my beach bag essentials!

Beach Bag Essentials
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Going to the beach makes me feel like a kid in a candy store and just typing this post has me ready to go. Like, yesterday. I can’t think of anything I enjoy more than settling down in my beach chair, right on the edge of the water, and opening a good book. It is my purest form of rest and relaxation. And three full days with Cory? Yes, please!

Needless to say, I will be checking out of blogland for a few days but if you want to keep up with all our mini vacation happenings, make sure you follow me on Instagram! Y’all have a happy and safe Memorial day weekend!