Rwanda 2015 | Day 3 & 4


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Monday | September 14th

Before we left for Rwanda, we were told to prepare for two weeks’ worth of Bible schools. However, once we arrived we learned that Ben’s computer had crashed and he lost all his documents, including his information on the kids in the program. (Side note: when we told him about external hard drives, he was like “Oh yeah, I’ve got one of those”…no comment.) Since the purpose of Barnabas X is to help and serve Ben, he asked us to interview children and fill out registration forms instead so he could begin the process of compiling all of his data on the kids over again. He, unfortunately, is starting completely over and needed basic information for these kids. So, for our first week that’s what we did!

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A Glimpse Into Rwanda 2015

Happy Tuesday, y’all! We had another busy but productive weekend. You know, the kind where you switch your fall and summer clothes out and spend most of the weekend cleaning house, doing laundry, and going to the grocery store? So nothing too exciting on our end to share.

Except this one thing and I’ve been dying to share it for weeks (no, I’m not pregnant)…

I’m not sure that I’ve ever mentioned this but one of Cory’s many talents is video production. He’s recently gotten into it a bit more and while in Rwanda shot footage to make a promotional video for RCRI. While he’s still working on the big video, he put together a short video recap of our trip. We’d love for you to check it out but be warned, grab your tissues!

I think it’s absolutely perfect but I did tell Cory I didn’t want it to end. I just love seeing those faces and the joy they have each day is such an inspiration.

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