Rwanda 2015 | Day 9


Welcome back to our Rwanda 2015 recaps! Because the number of pictures we took doubled the second week, I’m probably going to break the rest of the posts down by each day. I think it makes them easier to read plus helps me when I turn these posts into a book of our trip.

Maybe if I’m really on my game the next couple of weeks, I’ll get two out per week. But that’s a big maybe :).

Sunday | September 20th

Sunday morning started off early for us as we got ready for church, packed up the truck and headed to Nyabihu, my most favorite place in Rwanda! Somehow (thanks to David), we got all our stuff in the back of the truck. Must have been a miracle!

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Thank You Postcard

Tiny prints thank you postcard

I do believe that almost every one has received our thank-you cards (at least I hope so!), so I’m sharing them with you guys today!

Every year, we send out support letters for our trip to Rwanda and we like to send a thank-you note for each donation that Cory and I receive personally. Barnabas X sends one out at the end of the year but we think a simple “thank you” goes a long way. In the past, we have hand-written each thank-you note and they were sent out before our trip. But this year, proved to be more than we could handle preparing for Cory to be gone a full month, and they just didn’t get done in time.

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