Rwanda 2015 | Days 14 & 15

Before I start, I need to say that this is probably my longest post ever. It’s extremely picture heavy but there was really just no good way to break it down into two posts. BUT it’s a really good one. Our last days in Rwanda are always great ones.


You guys, this is the hardest part of our trip to recap. The last day with the kids and the last day in Rwanda are always so bittersweet. It’s such a special time with the kids and teachers in Nyabihu and saying goodbye to them is always just a big bag of tears and raw emotions, but somehow we always look back on the last days as some of our most favorite. There is something about the way you savor your time when you know it’s limited, trying to cling to every memory and experience like trying to hold the flavor of the last bite of dessert.

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Rwanda 2015 | Day 13


Wow! I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last Rwanda recap. Our trip was months ago but on top of the holidays and the pregnancy, unfortunately, these posts {all posts!} got pushed to the back burner. Even though it’s no excuse, I’ve actually been dreading finishing our recap because it’s just a reminder that I will not be traveling back to Rwanda this year. I know, I know…that was my choice, but it doesn’t make it any easier, especially on this emotional mama!

But for the sake of completeness, I really want to get these post done!

Thursday | September 24th

Remember Matilda the dog from the past two days? Well before we headed to the school that morning , we stopped by the restaurant to tell the guard that we had found a home and we would be back that evening to pick it up. He said if he saw it that day, he would try to keep it there until we got back. He was like a totally different man than the one he was the night before chasing Matilda with a club.

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Rwanda 2015 | Day 12


Y’all these weeks…I just can’t keep up! I’ve considered taking a break from the blog until the new year but I do have things I’d like to share with you guys, like my Christmas home tour. We have a Christmas filled weekend and hopefully, I’ll have time to finish my Christmas decorations {yes, I’m not even done!} and snap a few pictures of them. If not, than I’m okay with that too. All about extending myself a ton of grace lately!

Until then, it may just be Rwanda recaps!

Wednesday | September 23rd

Up and at ’em early for another day of Bible school!

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Rwanda 2015 | Day 11


Woah…I can’t believe it’s already Friday. Between Thanksgiving and feeling under the weather since Sunday, this week just left me behind! I don’t even have all my Christmas decorations up.

Say whaat??? Crazy, I know.

Maybe one day, I’ll have the time and energy to keep a regular post schedule but I just don’t see that happening any time soon.

Tuesday | September 22nd

So thanks to all of Jessica’s hard work the night before, Bible school went much better on Tuesday. We still had to keep waking kids up but most of that comes from a lack of energy due to malnutrition.

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