IrresistibleMe Hair Extensions

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% mine. 

Can I let you guys in on two little secrets? First, I’m definitely NOT a beauty blogger. I prefer posting pictures of my house and my dogs much more than I like to be in front of a camera. Second, ever since I chopped 10 inches off my hair a few months ago, I’ve regretted it every. single. day.


A little back story to my hair…I have a lot of it.


And it’s naturally this curly but it never looks this good unless I’m in Rwanda. What’s up with that??


I got so tired of letting the color grow out that I decided to just chop it all off.

Why? Why do I do this to myself? I never like my hair short but always convince myself it’s a good idea.


Hair Extensions 2

So after a few months of letting it grow, here’s me…in all my plain glory! And just so you know, I never straighten my hair anymore. Most days, my hair is air dried before I go to bed and I might spray a little sea salt spray in it before rushing out the door in the morning. I actually had to borrow my mom’s straightener because mine burnt up in Rwanda almost four months ago.

Hair Extensions

After missing my length so much, you can imagine my excitement when IrresistibleMe contacted me about trying their hair extensions.

Yes, yes, yes, please!

Hair Extensions 3

IrresistibleMe has a ton of different options from length, to color, to weight. I went back and forth between the Medium Brown and Chocolate Brown. I was worried that the Medium Brown would be too red and thanks to the help of Blair, she helped me decide on Chocolate Brown.

My extensions are 18 in length and 200 grams in Chocolate Brown.

Before curl front

As you can see, they don’t blend that well with my short, straight hair but like I said, I very rarely wear my hair straight.

So I added some curls.

Hair Extensions 9

And I love the results! They are still a little darker than my natural hair color but I like the way it looks!

Hair Extensions 4 Hair Extensions 7

My mom came over when I had these in and I guess she’s just so used to seeing me with long hair, she didn’t even realize it wasn’t my natural hair!

That has to say something coming from my Mama!

After Front Hair Extensions 8

The back of my hair matches almost exactly to the Chocolate Brown extensions.

After Back Hair Extensions 5

As I was taking the extensions out, I took out the heaviest 4 clip weft and still liked the way my hair looked without it.

Hair Extensions 10

If you can’t tell, I’m really enjoying my long hair again, all thanks to IrresistibleMe!

Blog Book | Rwanda

*This post is NOT sponsored. I paid full price for this book. While I wouldn’t turn down a free one, I’m simply sharing because I enjoyed the company! 

Cory and I have made very few purchases in 2015 {as in three or four} in anticipation of our kitchen renovation, but after working on this little project for weeks, I couldn’t resist the temptation to get my Rwanda blog book in my hands. Every day, I checked the mail in anticipation that it had arrived early. I just love every single one of these faces, pictures and stories and couldn’t wait to have them printed forever.

Blog book

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Plum Paper Planner Review

Plum Paper Planner Review

I was so lost without my planner, ya’ll! My last one ended in December and in my slackness, I didn’t even start to look at a new one until well into January. So by the time my planner showed up at my door step in early February, I felt like it was a gift from God to cure my forgetful mind.

By the way, when did I start losing my memory??? It used to be so on point but now, if I don’t write it down, it doesn’t happen! Like the time I let my car go 6,000 miles past the recommended mileage for an oil change. Yikes! That could have been bad.

Anyway…back to what’s important. My Plum Paper Planner. That’s what’s important.

Last year, I used the Erin Condren planner, which was a gift and I loved it. But when I went to order one for 2015, I realized how quickly all the cute add-ons jacked up the price of the planner. Plus, the weekly breakdown didn’t really work for me because I’m at work, morning and afternoon, most days. I’m a list maker- I need lots of lines! While I did love my EC planner, I couldn’t make myself pull the trigger on it.

Plum Paper Planner 4

So I turned to my favorite bloggers, of course, and heard about Plum Paper. After reading a couple good reviews, I quickly found one I liked and placed my order. And waited anxiously for it it arrive.

Plum Paper Planner 2

As soon as it showed up safely at my door, packaged in a nice box, and I saw the wonderful gold and pink on the front, I knew I was gonna love it!

Plum Paper Planner 22

It’s much lighter than my Erin Condren planner, which I like but the coil is just as durable.

Plum Paper Planner 5Plum Paper Planner 9

I use the monthly layout to plan out my blog post. Obviously, February wasn’t very productive but you already know that.

Plum Paper Planner 10 Plum Paper Planner 11Plum Paper Planner 7

Before and after each monthly spread is a lined page for notes or plenty of to-do lists!

Plum Paper Planner 8Plum Paper Planner 12

My favorite part of the whole planner? The horizontal layout. Lines for days, y’all. It makes my listmaking heart happy.

Plum Paper Planner 14Plum Paper Planner 13Plum Paper Planner 16Plum Paper Planner 18Plum Paper Planner 20

I was a little disappointed that the front and back cover wasn’t laminated because I’m pretty rough on my planners- they often get thrown into my purse or work bag. But for the lower price point, it’s worth it.

Plum Paper Planner 21

So far, I’ve absolutely loved my planner. It’s a much more reasonable price for me, ringing up at $30! If you are looking for a new planner, I can’t recommend Plum Paper Planner enough!

This is not a sponsored post. I paid for the planner 100% with my own money. 

eShakti Review

* This is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% my own.


Let me start off by saying that I am by no means a fashion blogger but when Jane from eShakti contacted me about reviewing a dress, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Actually, I think I squealed like a pig from the excitement of my first product review and then decided I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. #bloggerperks


I’ve seen eShakti all over blog land recently and really loved the fact that they’re so customizable. However, I didn’t realize just how customizable they were until I was picking out which item I wanted to review.  Many of their items can be customized by the sleeve type, length and neck line. Trust me, the possibilities are endless!


When I realized that not only do they customize your size and style but also your height, I was in heaven! You see, I’m almost 5’9 and adore maxi dresses. Do you know how hard it is to find a maxi dress that doesn’t hit me above my ankles???


I actually saw this dress on a blog a few weeks ago and adored it from the moment I laid my eyes on it. How fun are the birds and the embroidery details? I just love it and I knew this type of dress was right up Cory’s alley and little bit out of my box. {I was right, by the way. He loves it, too!}


And you just can’t go wrong with tassels.


I had the option to change the straps to either halter or spaghetti but decided to keep the cross-over straps in the back.


I was a little hesitant on ordering the correct size because I never buy clothes without trying them on first. My size varies so much with different brands and often times I will go into a store, try something on and go home and order it in the correct color or length. This dress was spot on to my normal dress size, though, and fit like a glove.

I did have a moment of panic when I couldn’t get it over my shoulders until I realized there was a partial zipper in the side.


And the best part of all???

It was long enough! Halleluiah!

As soon as I got home and saw my eShakti package on the table, I tore into it and held the dress up to my body and thought “no way is this going to be long enough” but as you can tell, it’s actually long enough for me to wear heels with {which I doubt I will ever do since I own exactly one pair of heels}. My biggest pet peeve, though, is having skirts, dresses, jeans, or whatever else I put on my legs be too short so it was a huge plus that this dress is long enough.


The only negative about this dress is the bottom part is a little sheer. Maybe I just worry excessively about this but I’m always scared I’m going to get in the sun light and everyone is gonna be able to see my underwear. I wore this dress Saturday evening to Daniel and Tiffany’s reveal party and threw on a slip {yes, like an old granny slip} underneath it and had no issues!


As you can probably tell, I’m officially in love with this dress and will definitely be shopping with eShakti in the future. Make sure you head on over to eShakti and start shopping- don’t forget to sign up today and receive $25 gift card!