Spring Time with Jord Wood Watch + Giveaway

*This is a sponsored post however all opinions are 100% Cory’s (he reviewed the watch)!

Jord wood watch men's watch women's watch unique watch Cool watchwood watch Jord watch

Ordinarily Cory has never been particularly interested in owning a nice, unique watch, because he’s hard on things. By hard on things, I mean that he destroys any jewelry or accessories that he wears/carrys even when he makes a concerted effort to take care of them. Watch faces usually have deep scratches in the first week and he finds a way to damage watch bands irreparably, whether they’re rubber, leather, nylon, or metal. For that reason, he can never justify having a nice watch, knowing that it won’t be nice for long.

However, he’s a sucker for novelty items, as well as a sucker for wooden things. So when Jord reached out to me for a collaboration for a wood watch, Cory was in (and committed to not messing it up). He chose the Dark Sandalwood and Burgundy watch from the Conway series.

First Impressions:

The packaging is really nice, with the watch coming in a really well-built and attractive wooden box which doubles as permanent storage, including a built-in humidifier drawer to properly care for the watch when it’s not being worn. The watch itself is displayed on a burlap pillow, which implies both luxury and the ruggedness of the wood construction.

The watch is also very well-built and attractive. Cory isn’t usually wild about anything red, but the deep red of the face looks so nice with the dark wood that he loved it.

When first taking it out of the box, the paperwork inside instructs the wearer to give the watch a coating with the provided oil prior to wearing. It would have been nice for the initial coating to already be on the watch prior to delivery so that it could be worn right out of the box, and so that the user didn’t have to deal with messy oil before they can enjoy the watch. Truthfully it was easy and not too much of a big deal.

After A Few Uses:

After wearing it a few times, Cory is even more impressed. As mentioned before, he’s rough on watches (and everything else, really) and even though he’s now worn this wood watch a few times, including a few times to church where he had to set up and tear down music and stage equipment, it looks exactly as it did coming out of the box. He has reported that he’s already knocked the face on car doors, caught the band on a keyboard stand, scraped the edge of the watch body against guitar strings, and Baker has attempted to eat the band–and the watch still looks brand new. He hasn’t really put it to the test for water resistance (and he better not!) but it appears to be slobber resistant so far!

As far as operation, it does what any good watch should–it accurately keeps the time and date. Setting it is a little fiddly and confusing at first. You have to push and pull the winder to different levels for different functions, with the instructions listing ways that you can damage the watch if you do it incorrectly. Maybe this is standard on this type watch, since Cory isn’t familiar with them, but he said it made him nervous to make adjustments. He had a hard time figuring out when it was in the right position to screw/unscrew into place without damaging the watch.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, Cory and I have been very impressed with the wood watch. He’s gotten comments and compliments every time he has worn it, which has never happened with any watch before. Clearly the design and wooden construction are striking enough to catch people’s eyes and make them want to ask about his cool watch. It’s a great addition to Cory’s wardrobe and we look forward to seeing how long he can keep it looking nice and new!

The best part? Jord is giving away a FREE CONWAY to one of my lucky readers! Simply click on THIS LINK to enter the contest. Everyone who enters the contest will receive a $25 gift card! Contest ends at 11:59 pm on 4/23/17.

Jord is also graciously offering my readers 15% off a CONWAY series watch using the code j17reasonstocomehome15aa. 

So head on over and check out all the men’s and women’s watches!

A Few Favorites Lately!

This post is sponsored by Baby Cubby but all opinions are 100% my own. 

Baker 1

It’s been a while since I shared Baker’s newborn favorites so I’m updating my list of things that we couldn’t currently live without! All of these products were provided to me by Baby Cubby but most were products that we already had and loved and I just added to our collection…like these bibs.


Around our house, we go through 1-2 bibs (at least!) daily. Baker has been “teething” (drooling like crazy, gnawing on anything she can get her hands on) for what seems like months. It’s literally been like 4 months now and she still hasn’t popped a tooth through.

blush_flatFrom the very beginning, the bandana bibs have been a favorite and I’ve been swooning over these prints from Copper Pearl since I began buying bibs.

Baker 7

They are the softest bibs we own and so absorbent (they actually keep her clothes dry) plus the patterns are just so precious! With a drooling baby, you can never have too many bibs. AmIright?



I actually bought Baker one of these Banana Teething Toothbrushes for Christmas and from the moment we gave it to her, she loved it!

Baker 9

Nana, as we termed it, became a necessity to keeping her entertained, especially during diaper changes. As I’m sure any of my fellow dog mamas can attest to this, our dogs love anything rubber like this and the first time I dropped it and it went unnoticed, Einstein snuck it away and chewed it up.

Baker 11

I was so disappointed but when I saw them in-stock on Baby Cubby, I knew I had to order Baker a new one. She will chew on this thing forever and not get bored, plus the little handles make it easy for her hands to hold on to!

ezpz_mini_mat_-coralOther than pureed foods, we’ve only given Baker just a few different solid foods like eggs, toast, cheese, noodles, and avacados. The other day, I spread a small handful of shredded cheese on the tray of her high chair while we were cooking dinner and when it was gone, I assumed she ate it all. The next day, Cory sent me a text asking why there was a “pound of shredded cheese in Baker’s seat”. Ha! Solid foods can be so messy but this EZPZ Mini Mat makes for a much cleaner eating experience. Plus, I really like that we can throw it in the diaper bag if we need it. The best thing about it though? She can’t throw it off her high chair! #winning

skip_hop_hedgehog_1A little known fact about my talented husband is that along with many other instruments, he plays accordion. When I saw this Skip Hop Hedgehog Accordion, I couldn’t pass up the chance for Baker to be twinning with her daddy.

Baker 4

How cute is it?

Baker 3

She hasn’t quite figured out how to make it play music, but loves when we play it for her and she loves to chew on it, of course.

Baker 6

When shopping for any child, let alone a baby, it can be so overwhelming with all the possibilities out there. Baby Cubby is a team made up of parents (they get it!) and they believe in families, laughter, and happiness. They have taken all the guessing out of shopping by spending hundreds of hours researching baby gear so we as parents don’t have to!

Baker 5

Their products have been tested and proved tried and true, in order to to provide the highest quality and safest gear. The best part? They even price-match and offer free shipping nationwide on orders over $49. You can’t beat that!

Baker 8

Baby Cubby also recognizes that parenting is hard (#truth) but also the most rewarding and important job in the world. Not only do they make shopping fun, easy, and quick but their blog is full of so many great topics to help make our jobs as parents just a tad bit easier. I highly recommend checking out Baby Cubby and their blog and only wish I had known about them earlier!

PinkBlush Maternity + A Giveaway

*This is a sponsored post. I received this dress for free from PinkBlush Maternity in exchange for my honest opinion. 

One of my biggest struggles since getting pregnant was finding cute maternity clothes at a decent price. As if growing a big belly isn’t enough, who wants to spend a small fortune on maternity clothes that they’ll only wear for a few months? Not me!

PinkBlush Maternity ,1

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IrresistibleMe Hair Extensions

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% mine. 

Can I let you guys in on two little secrets? First, I’m definitely NOT a beauty blogger. I prefer posting pictures of my house and my dogs much more than I like to be in front of a camera. Second, ever since I chopped 10 inches off my hair a few months ago, I’ve regretted it every. single. day.


A little back story to my hair…I have a lot of it.


And it’s naturally this curly but it never looks this good unless I’m in Rwanda. What’s up with that??


I got so tired of letting the color grow out that I decided to just chop it all off.

Why? Why do I do this to myself? I never like my hair short but always convince myself it’s a good idea.


Hair Extensions 2

So after a few months of letting it grow, here’s me…in all my plain glory! And just so you know, I never straighten my hair anymore. Most days, my hair is air dried before I go to bed and I might spray a little sea salt spray in it before rushing out the door in the morning. I actually had to borrow my mom’s straightener because mine burnt up in Rwanda almost four months ago.

Hair Extensions

After missing my length so much, you can imagine my excitement when IrresistibleMe contacted me about trying their hair extensions.

Yes, yes, yes, please!

Hair Extensions 3

IrresistibleMe has a ton of different options from length, to color, to weight. I went back and forth between the Medium Brown and Chocolate Brown. I was worried that the Medium Brown would be too red and thanks to the help of Blair, she helped me decide on Chocolate Brown.

My extensions are 18 in length and 200 grams in Chocolate Brown.

Before curl front

As you can see, they don’t blend that well with my short, straight hair but like I said, I very rarely wear my hair straight.

So I added some curls.

Hair Extensions 9

And I love the results! They are still a little darker than my natural hair color but I like the way it looks!

Hair Extensions 4 Hair Extensions 7

My mom came over when I had these in and I guess she’s just so used to seeing me with long hair, she didn’t even realize it wasn’t my natural hair!

That has to say something coming from my Mama!

After Front Hair Extensions 8

The back of my hair matches almost exactly to the Chocolate Brown extensions.

After Back Hair Extensions 5

As I was taking the extensions out, I took out the heaviest 4 clip weft and still liked the way my hair looked without it.

Hair Extensions 10

If you can’t tell, I’m really enjoying my long hair again, all thanks to IrresistibleMe!