Painted Brick Reveal

We finally have some sense of normalcy back on our lives so I thought I would share a little reveal with ya’ll. No, it’s not our kitchen! Half our furniture is still in the carport and our house is a disaster but we have what looks like a kitchen {we’ve actually been able to cook in it!}. We’ve still got a long way to go before it’s ready-ready to reveal, though.

Over two months ago, I shared that Cory and I decided to stay put and make our house work for us, but making our house work for us meant some pretty drastic updates. Well, one of the first of those updates was to go from nasty orange, vintage brick to painted brick. Update was what we wanted and transformation was what we got!

Just a little reminder of what we started with…


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Half Bathroom Remodel

half bathroom ideas

This is definitely not a new bathroom remodel in the Sloan household. It’s actually been completed for over two years but it was pre-blog and I finally found some time this weekend to get it cleaned up and snap some pictures. And by “cleaned up” I mean it took a whole roll of Clorox wipes to get my makeup off of everything.

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