Friday Faves | Christmas Wreath Inspiration

Christmas Wreath Inspiration

I know, I know. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet but I just can’t help myself. I’m dying to get my Christmas decorations up but since we are hosting Thanksgiving {and I don’t have a tree yet} I’m holding off until next weekend. While I should be searching and coming up with a Thanksgiving table, I’m looking at Christmas decorations instead.


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Five on Friday

Five on Friday? Who am I? I haven’t done one of these in months. It’s been so long that I actually had to go back to my last one to see the format. But I’m trying to get back to a regular blog schedule so here I am…

I’m working on getting my first Rwanda recap together but between the four of us, we took so. many. pictures. I’ve been sorting them by days, resizing and all that jazz but I find myself getting so caught up in the pictures though that I normally end up wasting time just clicking through them.


It’s so hard to decide which ones to share.

So a few of my favorite things this Friday…

ONE | My birthday was last Thursday and Amber got me the sweetest gift. I’ve been searching for an Africa necklace since we returned from Rwanda last year and she found the cutest shop, Ivy by Design, to make one for me. The heart is over Rwanda. So fitting for my heart.


Make sure to check out this great shop!

TWO | Every year, we send out thank you cards to our friends and family who donate towards our trip but this year, we took a different approach. We fully appreciate the value of a hand written note but we think our supporters are gonna love what we came up with using Tiny Prints. I don’t want to spoil  them before we get them in the mail but I had to share the 25% (up to 30%) discount Tiny Prints is offering right now on holiday cards!

THREE | Speaking of sales, I hit the Old Navy sale the other day and may have ended up with some new flannel shirts.


I’ve wanted a buffalo plaid shirt forever and getting it at 30% off makes my heart happy.


This orange plaid is the perfect Clemson, fall shirt. And it was $12. Seriously, I wanted to order all the plaid.

But I stopped at 3. There is still a huge sale going on so you should check it out!

FOUR | Cory has got me turned on to podcast because I can listen to them in the morning while I’m getting ready and driving to work. As much as I like to think I am discipline enough to study the Bible each day, it’s often the first thing to go when my day gets busy. I really like Kasey VanNorman, after hearing her speak last year, and have really enjoyed her study of Genesis. She reads a chapter a day and then dives right in. Being able to listen to my study is much easier.


Do you have any good podcast you listen to?

FIVE | So, over the past couple of months, with busy schedules and chaotic lives, I’ve managed to gain about 10 lbs. And while I know the scale isn’t important, I just feel bad about myself. I have no energy and just ready to live a healthier life style. So I took the plunge and ordered the 21 Day Fix. It was delivered to my door step yesterday and I’m nervous and excited to start it on Monday. I’ve never had much self discipline when it comes to food but I’ve never had to be. Rebecca Jo (my coach) is gonna have her hands full!


Amber and I are heading to Homecoming tomorrow and I’m so excited to get to a game in this year. Cory and I try and go to at least one a year since we gave up our season tickets and for the past two seasons, one is all we’ve been able to make time for. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day and I’m so excited about introducing Amber to all the Clemson gameday activities!

What are your plans for this weekend?

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Five on Friday

Happy Friday, y’all! I’m so sorry the past couple of weeks have been so sporadic on this little space of mine but the kitchen reno has taken over our lives. Every week night and weekend, we’ve been working away at getting it rebuilt. That, and my computer is busted {more on that in a second}.

I’m finally starting to feel better after being sick last weekend but my ear has been stopped up for a week straight now and it’s about to drive me insane! Cory will be out of town this weekend and has left it up to me pick out the lighting for the kitchen so you better believe I’ll be spending some of my time on Pinterest making sure I pick the perfect pendant lights. And I really hope to get caught up on some blogging. I’ve got three or four post in my drafts that I’ve been meaning to finish for weeks, so I’m hoping to knock them out since I certainty won’t be hanging any drywall by myself.

ONE | I’m in desperate need of a new computer. I currently have a Toshiba that I got after I graduated college {six years ago!} and while she’s been a good one, she’s pretty much shot. I shared this picture a few weeks ago when we first started demoing our kitchen but my screen has gotten worse. This is actually the second time I’ve stepped on this computer {I know, I’m pretty rough on electronics} so I know it’s not much to fix the screen but I really don’t want to keep sinking money into it when I could put that money towards a new computer.


So, there in lies the great debate. For probably the past year and a half, I’ve been trying to decide if I want a Macbook or not. Strike that, I definitely want one. I’ve been trying to decide if I want to invest that much money into a computer. I know there are other good computers out there but I think a Macbook would be best for the size of my picture files and the amount I use Photoshop. Is it worth it? What do you use?



This decision probably wouldn’t be so hard if we hadn’t just spent $$$ on cabinets!

TWO | This video just tugs at my heart, ya’ll. Since returning from Rwanda, Cory and I have been praying heavily about adoption. Rwanda isn’t currently accepting new applications but there are days where all I can think about is bringing one {or more…who knows!} of the children from Rwanda home. Most African countries, if not all, require you to come meet your child, leave without them and return in a couple of months to finish the process. When I heard this song, I just sat there in tears at the thought of meeting and falling in love with a child {because I know I would. Immediately} and have to leave them there for six or so more months. It put this song into a whole different perspective for me, even though I’ve heard it a hundred times before.

THREE | A few weeks ago, Amy at the farmer’s wife posted about an app called Crazy Heliumbooth Free so last night, while at my parents for dinner, we downloaded it and oh my gosh! We must have spent at least an hour making funny videos and laughed until we cried.

Obviously, we are easily entertained but if you are bored this weekend, download this app and I promise you’ll be laughing as hard as we did.

FOUR | Yesterday was the boys 19th birthday. Where in the world has the time gone?? We are so proud of them and everything they have accomplished, especially over the last six months. We can’t wait to see where God leads them in this next stage of their lives. Happy birthday, baby brothers!

John and Jordan 19th birthday

FIVE | Four is all I got for ya today. When your life has been revolving around 2 x 4’s and nails, there isn’t much to share. Hopefully, I’ll have more progress to share next week.

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun?

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Five on Friday | Blog Inspiration

*All images in this post belong to the linked blog above each individual picture. 

Happy Friday, y’all! It’s been a long, long week over at the Sloans with a lot of late nights. We had great momentum coming off of our weekend tearing out the kitchen and then we had to go back to work. Every evening, we’ve been coming home and painting the beams and ceiling. It wouldn’t be as hard if we didn’t have cathedral ceilings but it’s made for a very tedious process. Hopefully, we’ll finish up tonight because we’ve got a weekend full of non-kitchen reno activities before the floor guys start on Monday!

Since all we did this week was go to work and paint, I thought I would share with you where I draw some of my inspiration for all my home projects. The first couple blogs that I ever followed were DIY/Home bloggers and I fell in love with the idea of renovating a home and making it your own. Little did I know, I would be doing the same thing a few short years later! While I love a good fashion post and makeup tutorials, DIY/Home decor are my absolute favorite blogs to follow. Here are just a few of my favorites…

ONE | Young House Love

Young House Love was the first blog I started follow. At the time, they were renovating their kitchen and I was completely convinced that if they could tackle a project like that, so could Cory and I. This lead to a spur of the moment bathroom renovation the first year we were married and what Cory and I joke about as the best marriage counseling we could have ever been through. It’s a hilarious story- I’ll make sure to share it some day. Unfortunately, they aren’t blogging anymore but all of their projects are still on their website.

TWO | Shanty 2 Chic

After a weekend bathroom renovation turned into a two week ordeal, I decided to start reading up on some “smaller” DIY projects. Stumbling upon Shanty 2 Chic was a blessing and a curse because they have so many wonderful projects that I wanted to do. At one point, Cory actually made fun of me for talking about this blog all the time but I really learned a lot from their tutorials.

King Bed DIY by Shanty2Chic Free Woodworking Plans

THREE | House of Rose

House of Rose was the first blog that I stalked went back and read from the beginning, after stumbling upon her home tour on Pinterest. Mandy’s step by step on how to start a blog really gave me the confidence to step out on my own and start this little adventure.  Along with having a father who builds almost anything she can think of, she is an encourager and loves Jesus…my kinda gal!


FOUR | Two Twenty One

Her home office reeled me in but everything she post is good as gold. She has excellent tutorials {I used one to make my curtains} and posts about a little bit of everything. Not to mention, her Pinterest just makes me swoon… so bright and organized!

FIVE | Just a Girl and Her Blog 

Abby is my latest blog crush and I simply adore her blog. Not only does she share some killer DIY’s, she shares about living debt free and even has an eBook on how to grow your blog. Seriously, she does it all!

2015 Spring Home Tour | Just a Girl and Her Blog

If your looking for some inspiration, head on over and check these ladies out. But be prepared to get sucked in to all their tutorials…I promise you’ll have a project list as long as mine! And in case you missed any of my recent projects, check them out here.

What are some of your favorite blogs?

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