Our first visit to the hospital.

Up until this weekend we’ve successfully made it three years into our marriage without a trip to any kind of hospital but our streak is now over.

Saturday we had to make our first trip as a family to the hospital. Animal hospital, that is.

Let me introduce Sadie and Denver. Hampton’s real biological mom and dad. Make sure not to mention it to Hampy because he has no clue he’s a dog.

This past weekend we were dog sitting for Jessica and had these two cuties plus their sister Ayla {lab/chow mix}. We had a house full of dogs but they were all so well behaved, we didn’t mind.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Let me just start off by saying that Hampton has a very sensitive stomach. For this reasons, we’ve only changed his food twice in his whole life and we rarely feed him anything other than his food and treats. This post may go into more details than you want to know but I promise to give you the very short, non detailed version of it.

When we got home from work Friday, we discovered that Einstein {who has a stomach of steel} had gotten into the bag Jessica sent with the dogs which was full of Ziploc baggies of food (gallon size for Ayla) and rawhides. In Hampton’s kennel we found one of those gallon size Ziploc bags with a tiny handful of food left in it and a half eaten bag of rawhides {which was full when Jessica bought it to us}. We could only assume that Hampton ate the majority of it and by how bad his stomach was tore up Friday night, we were right.

Now, since he does have a sensitive stomach, I’m not the type to rush him an hour away to the animal hospital every time he gets into something. This has happened before and we let it run it’s course and he’s always been fine. But that all changed late Friday evening when I found drops of blood on my floor and by Saturday morning, there was blood in his bowel movements. I’m sorry if that is too much information but that was the least grossest way I could think to put it.

Anyway, moving on from bowel movements. We were up with him a good bit Friday night, letting him in and out so we called the animal hospital Saturday morning. They said since we had seen blood, we need to bring him in for examination. My biggest fear was that he had eaten like 5 or 6 rawhides and they would be impacted into his stomach and he wouldn’t be able to pass them. So we loaded his kennel up into the car and headed to the animal hospital.

I just knew it was going to be something serious and we’d have to leave him over night for testing or something. I had already prepared myself for the worse and even brought my makeup in case I started crying.

Thank goodness it wasn’t what I feared! The vet felt around his stomach a good bit and didn’t feel anything that would cause concern and said it was a good sign that Hampton was eating and drinking. Just to make sure though, he offered him a treat to see if he would take it and Hampton gobbled it right out of his hand. Fatty.

The vet said if the rawhides were impacted, he would be vomiting and wouldn’t be interested in eating anything.
This is the point where I let out of huge sigh of relief and my stomach unknotted. I’m a nervous Mama. I can’t help it.

The vet said the upset stomach was from such a drastic change in his diet and the blood was most likely from Hampton straining. So he gave us two medicines for Hampytown- one to settle his stomach and an antibiotic just to be on the safe side.

When we got home, Hampton made sure to act extra sick so he could get a little more lovin’ from everyone. He even snuggled up with Sadie and Denver in his kennel. He never shares his kennel.

And by Saturday night, I think everyone was extra tired from the days events. Denver not excluded.

Not So Happy Halloween

Not so happy Halloween from Hampton Batman. 

Dog Costume Batman

We don’t make a big deal out of Halloween around house since we don’t have kids and normally aren’t at home for Trick or Treaters but I do like to dress the dogs up. This picture is actually from 2011 but one of my favorites of Hampton. I often wish our dogs could talk just so I could know what they are thinking. The pissed off look on his face says “Get this stupid costume off me. Now.” 

Dog Costume Superman

Dog Costume Batman

The dogs really aren’t fond of wearing any kind of clothing but that doesn’t stop me from buying them things like this…
Dog Halloween

And they hate every second of wearing them, which I expected but darn, are they cute!

Dog Halloween Shirt

Dog Halloween Shirt

So, moral of the story is my dogs hate Halloween and hate me for making them wear these god awful too cute to pass up costumes.  

Happy Halloween and may your day be filled with more treats than tricks. 

Lazy Day

Do you ever have those days where you don’t even feel like getting out of your pjs? Well, today I did. After the past three weeks of going non-stop, my body needed the rest. There was so much that I wanted and needed to get done today but instead we did a lot of this…

and this…

I’ve had the whole first season of Chicago Fire on my DVR for months and I spent most of the day {I slept till 10:30} catching up on it. The biggest decision I made all day was if I wanted to get dressed, brush my teeth and go get something to eat. I was having a serious craving for hibachi but really didn’t want to move from the couch.

It’s okay. You can judge me.

I was too hungry to not go, so we went for a ride to get hibachi.

Don’t worry, I did change out of my pj’s and brush my teeth. However, I didn’t bother brushing my hair.

The boys love to ride and we don’t take them nearly enough. It’s very rare that we are only going one place and back home. Their excitement made me feel like a bad mama.

Shh, don’t tell Hampy he’s a dog.

Other than watching Chicago Fire, I caught up on my blog reading from the weekend, spent way too much time just browsing on Pinterest and did a little online shopping for my birthday. Now I’ve got a thousand and one ideas of stuff I want to do around the house. It’s probably a day wasted because there are always projects to work on, pictures to edit and post to write but my body {and mind} will thank me the rest of the week.

Hope y’all had a great Monday!

In other news…

Big things are happening around our small town and I feel privileged that I knew before most others. A few weeks ago, I got a call from my Mom telling me that some movie producers from LA where filming a movie in Seneca and were interested in using my Dad’s grocery store. They came and scoped the store out and talked to my Dad and decided they wanted to use it for a few scenes. 
Word started to spread and people have been coming out of the woodwork asking if it is true. The news stations started reporting about it last week but hadn’t mentioned any specific places they were filming. Well, last Friday Dad made the front page of the Seneca Journal.

Front page is big news around here. 


It’s a small town.

You better believe that Cory and I will be up there Saturday. Thank goodness, it’s an away game! Cory said that if he doesn’t get to meet Burt Reynolds, he was gonna burn something down. Ha! I just want to try and be in the movie. Maybe I can get a hand in or something. 
Yesterday when I got home from work, I found this package strapped to our mailbox. 

Let me explain, our driveway is across the street but it’s not even a 50 ft walk from our carport to the mailbox. Not to mention, they could have just pulled into our carport. 

It probably took the mailman person more time to find this rubber band and get it strapped on than it would have to walk it into our carport. 
Glad no one stole it because it was a gift for Cory’s birthday and this just screams “take me.”

Yes, he is adorable, really hard to get mad at and most times I can’t resist this face but coming in first thing in the morning, soaking wet and covered in dirt, will do it. 

Until this morning, I’d forgotten that in the colder months I have to allow myself extra time to clean up the dogs.

I didn’t even want to get a picture of Einstein because it seriously looked like Hampton had taken his paw, scooped up a pile of poop dirt {Ahem}, and smeared it all down Einsteins back. 

I left him outside, jumped in the tub and asked Cory if he would clean him before he left. 

Sneaky, sneaky. 

Maybe I should try and find some doggie rain boots. Do they even make those? They’d been handy this morning. 

Y’all have a good week!