Christmas Parade 2017

Christmas Parade

What feels like a lifetime ago, one the first “dates” Cory and I had was to the Christmas parade in our town. My dad’s grocery store was downtown where the parade took place and we were both working that night. After we got off, we headed across the street to watch the parade. Even though we had just started “hanging out” as friends, it was one of the first times we had hung out outside of work. You can read more of our love story here.

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Baker Meets Santa 2017

Just like last year, our favorite photographer Chase Todd from Chase Todd Photography hosted Santa pictures in his studio. Since our chubby little 5-month old was so fascinated by ‘ole St. Nick last year, I couldn’t wait to let Baker meet Santa again. Last year went sooo well and she’s really not a shy kid so I went in (alone, I might add–bad idea from the start!) with high expectations.

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Christmas 2016 Part 2

Last week, I shared the first of our Christmas celebrations and I’m back today to share the rest of our Christmases. Pretty much the whole weekend before, starting on Thursday, we had several different celebrations between my family and Cory’s. It was so much fun to get to share the magic of Christmas with our sweet girl with our families!

And I can’t forget the Christmas outfits…so much fun!


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Christmas in Alabama

It’s not too late to blog about Christmas is it? I sure hope not because I’ve got a few Christmas post ready for you guys.

Christmas for our family always spans over a few weeks due to both our families being large and kind of spread out. This year was no exception but was much more fun with Baker in tow.

We started the weekend before Christmas and headed to Alabama to see Cory’s Mom.


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