IrresistibleMe Hair Extensions

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% mine. 

Can I let you guys in on two little secrets? First, I’m definitely NOT a beauty blogger. I prefer posting pictures of my house and my dogs much more than I like to be in front of a camera. Second, ever since I chopped 10 inches off my hair a few months ago, I’ve regretted it every. single. day.


A little back story to my hair…I have a lot of it.


And it’s naturally this curly but it never looks this good unless I’m in Rwanda. What’s up with that??


I got so tired of letting the color grow out that I decided to just chop it all off.

Why? Why do I do this to myself? I never like my hair short but always convince myself it’s a good idea.


Hair Extensions 2

So after a few months of letting it grow, here’s me…in all my plain glory! And just so you know, I never straighten my hair anymore. Most days, my hair is air dried before I go to bed and I might spray a little sea salt spray in it before rushing out the door in the morning. I actually had to borrow my mom’s straightener because mine burnt up in Rwanda almost four months ago.

Hair Extensions

After missing my length so much, you can imagine my excitement when IrresistibleMe contacted me about trying their hair extensions.

Yes, yes, yes, please!

Hair Extensions 3

IrresistibleMe has a ton of different options from length, to color, to weight. I went back and forth between the Medium Brown and Chocolate Brown. I was worried that the Medium Brown would be too red and thanks to the help of Blair, she helped me decide on Chocolate Brown.

My extensions are 18 in length and 200 grams in Chocolate Brown.

Before curl front

As you can see, they don’t blend that well with my short, straight hair but like I said, I very rarely wear my hair straight.

So I added some curls.

Hair Extensions 9

And I love the results! They are still a little darker than my natural hair color but I like the way it looks!

Hair Extensions 4 Hair Extensions 7

My mom came over when I had these in and I guess she’s just so used to seeing me with long hair, she didn’t even realize it wasn’t my natural hair!

That has to say something coming from my Mama!

After Front Hair Extensions 8

The back of my hair matches almost exactly to the Chocolate Brown extensions.

After Back Hair Extensions 5

As I was taking the extensions out, I took out the heaviest 4 clip weft and still liked the way my hair looked without it.

Hair Extensions 10

If you can’t tell, I’m really enjoying my long hair again, all thanks to IrresistibleMe!

Foundation Routine for Oily Skin

Let me start off by saying that I am in no way a beauty blogger. I’m simply a girl with oily skin who has been on the hunt for the best products to help my skin look less greasy at the end of the day.

And I’ve finally found the perfect foundation routine for oily skin!

foundation routine for oily skin

1. After cleaning and toning my face, I apply a moisturizer, take a deep breath by philosophy, and an eye cream, all about eyes by clinque. This moisturizer is oil-free, lightweight and doesn’t leave my face feeling like I just applied sunscreen. I could probably take or leave the eye cream. I’m not sure it really makes a difference but a lady at the Bobbi Brown counter told me once that my concealer would go on better if I used an eye cream. See, no beauty blogger!

2. I give my moisturizer a minute or two to settle in before spraying my face with Urban Decay’s De-Slick Oil-Control Setting Spray. Now, I have to emphasis that the first couple times I used this setting spray, I followed the instructions on the bottle and it did absolutely nothing for my face. After watching a few tutorials, I tried spraying my face before applying any makeup and it made a world of difference. I honestly believe this is the game changer in my oily skin!

3. On the recommendation of Mia {one of my favorite, real beauty bloggers}, I picked up some CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 foundation before we left for Rwanda and it is the perfect matte foundation. It stays in place all day and has fabulous coverage. I recently got my second bottle, not because I was out, but needed a lighter color since I’ve lost all hints of color in my skin. This foundation goes a really long way!

4. Best. under eye. concealer. ever. Next to my oily skin, my biggest problem is my dark under eye circles I inherited from my mama’s side of the family. Bye Bye Under Eye by it cosmetics covers them up. 100%. While I do notice that it does crease ever so slightly, I’m okay with it because it covers my dark circles!

5.  Next to my oily skin and dark under eye circles, my 3rd biggest problem is adult acne. The MAC Studio Finish concealer helps cover up all my blemishes that I’m awful about picking at and making them look even worse. I know, that’s awful, but my OCD self just can’t help it sometimes.

6. To help my under eye concealer from creasing, I make sure to set it with bareMinerals Well-Rested eye brightener. It helps mattify the concealer and adds a little extra brightening power to my dark circles. #winwin

7. I read about the e.l.f. High Definition Powder Translucent from so many beauty bloggers and many compare it as a dupe for the Makeup Forever HD powder but I’ve only ever used the cheaper {by almost $30!} e.l.f. version and it works great. I just sweep it over my t-zones and it does the job wonderfully!

8. The last step in my foundation routine is the Revlon PhotoReady Powder. A few quick go rounds of my brush, to make sure all the foundation and concealer is set, does the job.

Once I’m finished with all my makeup, I lightly mist my face again with the De-Slick spray. I honestly believe this makes a huge difference in the staying power of my foundation. Trust me, it works so much better spraying before and after!

I know like this may seem like a lot of beauty supplies to put on your face but nothing is particularly “heavy” feeling. I’m able to do my makeup, start to finish, in less than 20 minutes and that includes TV and puppy distractions.

Even though this is currently working best for me, I’d love to know any other tricks or products to make my foundation routine for oily skin better!

Ombre Hair

I mentioned here that I wanted to change up my long brown locks a little and after all your wonderful feedback decided to go with an ombre look. So I called up Brittany {my long time friend and stylist} and scheduled an appointment.



Brittany has been my stylist since we got out of high school and I trust her professional opinion 100% {and her honest opinion because she’ll give you that, too}.  This was her first attempt at an ombre style and it was at this point that I think we both started to wonder if it was right. Don’t worry, it was. Brittany is the bomb.




The lighting in the bathroom makes it appear more red than it really is but it was dark and I wanted to get a picture to send to Cory.

IMG_5005 editedBrittany was worried how it would look straight because it’s a hard style to blend but I wore it straight on Sunday and got tons of compliments.

IMG_5001 editedIMG_5011IMG_5010 edited

IMG_5007 edited


Since this was the first color I’ve had on my hair in years, we didn’t go as extreme as I first thought I would. Instead we used two different colors and really went for a natural look and Brittany did an awesome job blending the two. Next time {since it will most likely be summer} I will probably go for more blonde but I’m loving the change!

Also, a few things I learned after looking at these pictures:

  1.  I’m definitely not a model and felt extremely awkward posing for my photographer husband.
  2.  My husband is not any better than me at taking pictures. Sorry they’re blurry.
  3.  I squint 100% of the time if I’m outside during the day. I have small eyes but I promise they aren’t that small.