Baker Bea | 2 months


Holy cow, y’all. That time, she’s a thief. While I love seeing our girl grow and develop into her own little self, it makes me so sad that the sweet newborn moments are quickly fading away. Baker was two months old on September 8th (I’m just a little behind. Ahem.) and boy, has she changed over the last month. Most noticeably? That hair, y’all. It’s completely un-tamable and I love it!

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Baker Bea | 1 month

Where have these last four weeks gone?  I feel like we just came home from the hospital and there is no way we have been new parents to this perfect baby girl for that long already. She really is perfect–as I’m sure all parents would say of their sweet new baby. This has easily been the best (and most difficult) month of our lives but I wouldn’t trade this time with Baker Bea.


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