Newborn Favorites 

Hello, friends! It has been forever since I’ve blogged and I have truly missed you guys. Life has been busy though and we are trying to adjust to me being a full time, working mommy.

Now that we are officially out of the newborn stage (all the tears, y’all. I loved this stage!) I wanted to share a few of our newborn favorites that we used the most during Baker’s first few months. Babies require a lot of different things and the lists you find on Pinterest can be so overwhelming. We definitely used way more than these few items but I thought I would share my top recommendations for newborn must haves!


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Baker Bea | 2 months


Holy cow, y’all. That time, she’s a thief. While I love seeing our girl grow and develop into her own little self, it makes me so sad that the sweet newborn moments are quickly fading away. Baker was two months old on September 8th (I’m just a little behind. Ahem.) and boy, has she changed over the last month. Most noticeably? That hair, y’all. It’s completely un-tamable and I love it!

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Maternity Leave Ending

I promise that I’m still alive, y’all. Here’s the thing, I have to go back to work tomorrow and I’m really struggling with it. I always knew I would struggle with this but goodness, that was the fastest 12 weeks of my life. Before Baker arrived I could never comprehend the love I would feel for her and just how much I will miss spending my days with her. I’m feeling major mom guilt that we will be sending her to a sitter because I feel like someone else will be raising my child and it literally breaks my heart. Maybe it will get easier, but every time she looks at me and smiles, I just well up with tears and every milestone I will miss flashes before my eyes. Lots of encouragement and prayers needed, y’all. 

So while I’ve got a couple post in drafts, including her 2 month recap, I’m soaking up every last moment I have with my sweet girl. Maybe one day soon I’ll get back here regularly! 

Baker’s Newborn Photos

Happy Friday, friends! Are y’all tired of me sharing endless photos of Baker yet? No? Well, good because now that her nursery has been revealed, I can share her newborn photos!

I have a friend at work who’s husband shoots on the side, Lazear Photography, and he did our newborn photos when Baker was two weeks old. I had hoped for the sweet sleepy photos but our girl was wide awake most of the time.

But it’s all good because I have all the heart eyes for these sweet pictures as a new family of three (or six if you want to include the dogs).

Baker's Newborn Pictures 2

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