Baker Bea | 3 Months

Go ahead and officially call me the worst blogger ever! This post is, again, a month behind (seriously, she was 4 MONTHS on 11/8) but I’m having the hardest time adjusting to being a working mom and still finding time to do things like blog or shower regularly.


But, I really want to remember these days so I’m composing this post from the notes I’ve jotted down in my phone the past few weeks. Also, Cory is chiming in today because this mama needed some help!


Three whole months with our gal! Month three was such a bittersweet month. We slowly saw our newborn baby fading away and a smiley, more alert baby take her place. Her personality (which is laid back to the core!) really started to surface the past couple of weeks. I really, really enjoyed the newborn stage and while I know I will enjoy each new stage as they come, my time home with Baker was such a sweet, sweet time for us both. From the peaceful feedings to snuggly naps, I feel like I tried my best to soak up every single second I had while on maternity leave.

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A Day in the Life of a Working Mama

Last week, my friend Katie shared a day in the life with her 16 week old daughter. I love, love, love these kinds of posts because, well to be honest, I’m nosey and I thought it would be fun to share my version as a working mother. I’ve never done one of these before because my day to day life wasn’t that interesting before Baker, but now that she’s 16 weeks old, I feel like we never stop. On Wednesday, I made to sure to capture what a typical weekday looks like in the Sloan household.

Be warned though…there is a lot of milk in this post and this is an unedited version of our life. Don’t be jealous of our glamorous it is. :)


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Newborn Favorites 

Hello, friends! It has been forever since I’ve blogged and I have truly missed you guys. Life has been busy though and we are trying to adjust to me being a full time, working mommy.

Now that we are officially out of the newborn stage (all the tears, y’all. I loved this stage!) I wanted to share a few of our newborn favorites that we used the most during Baker’s first few months. Babies require a lot of different things and the lists you find on Pinterest can be so overwhelming. We definitely used way more than these few items but I thought I would share my top recommendations for newborn must haves!


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