Baker’s 8 Month Pictures

Technically, these were supposed to have been Baker’s 6 month pictures but we had a busy holiday season and let these slip by us. So, in early March we had these sweet 8 month pictures taken of our Baker girl.

Chase Todd, of Chase Todd Photography, has done most of Baker’s pictures so far and we love his work! He is so great with Baker and his pictures are always swoon worthy. He is able to perfectly capture her personality. If you live in the Upstate of SC, I highly recommend him for all your photography needs!


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Baker Bea | 8 Months

Eight wonderful months with our Bakey girl (as of March 8th…I’m SO behind). I really have no idea how we’ve made it through 3/4 of our first year. I guess I need to get on the ball and start thinking about Baker’s 1st birthday…yikes! I honestly feel like it was just a few short weeks ago that we welcomed her into our lives. I look back at photos from her first couple weeks here in this world and can’t believe how much she has changed and developed over the past eight months.

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