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This is definitely not a new bathroom remodel in the Sloan household. It’s actually been completed for over two years but it was pre-blog and I finally found some time this weekend to get it cleaned up and snap some pictures. And by “cleaned up” I mean it took a whole roll of Clorox wipes to get my makeup off of everything.

Please keep in mind this is in no means a tutorial. I know we did a lot of things wrong but hopefully you will learn from some of the mistakes {or at least get a giggle or two out of them} we made while transforming our half bathroom.

bathroom transformation

The day we moved into our house the half bathroom looked like this…


but there is only so much of that awful wallpaper and this light fixture a girl can take.

SAM_1715 editedSAM_1717 edited

The summer after we moved in, a lady I worked with offered us a pedestal sink for free and I jumped on it like white on rice. Since we already had the sink, we decided to do a little work on the bathroom. We weren’t at the point where we were able to remove the dinosaur egg tile but we pulled down the wall paper {which was the original wallpaper. I kid you not, it was at least a quarter of an inch thick}, painted, changed the light fixture, the cabinet over the toilet and the sink.

bathroom transformation

This helped tremendously but we still wanted to get rid of the purple tile. Almost a year later, we decided to tackle the rest of the bathroom transformation.

IMG_1783 edited

Cory always said that the tile reminded him of a dinosaur egg because of the purple speckles.

IMG_1786 edited ugly grout edited

I promise we aren’t nasty people who never clean the floors. The grout was so stained from the past 40 years.

IMG_1794 edited

We started demolition on a Thursday night and thought we would certainly be done over the weekend. Let me just say that we were not prepared for this project and the mess it would make. We needed a better way to dispose of the tile, we really should have taped off our bedroom from the dust and should have had a working shop vac.

bathroom remodel

bathroom demolition bathroom remodel bathroom demolition IMG_1821 edited IMG_1826 edited IMG_1835 edited

The mess that was our bedroom. Remember when I said we should have had a better way to dispose of the tile? Well, you see that big trash can… it was full of the tile we had removed. What didn’t occur to us was how heavy that trash can was and how we were going to get it out of the house. We tried moving it and it. wouldn’t. budge. We ended up emptying half of it out the window in the bathroom into another trash can outside and than we had to shovel the tile out of the trash cans into the back of Cory’s truck because we broke both cans trying to move them and get them into the truck. This seriously has me laughing out loud just remembering it. We had no idea what we were doing.

Hampton was over all the remodeling.

IMG_1840 edited IMG_1841 edited IMG_1851edited

Yes, it was dark outside on Saturday when we started cutting tile for the floor. Progress was obviously going slower than anticipated.

IMG_1863 edited

It was after midnight before we got the tile down but then it had to dry and be grouted before we could move on to the walls. So here is where things got really difficult and I don’t have any pictures because it was a long, frustrating WEEK. First, let me say that we messed up by not putting sheet rock up. Since we were adding bead board, we didn’t think we needed it and Cory didn’t feel like dealing with the mess of it. It didn’t occur to us until afterwards that there wouldn’t have been a mess because we didn’t have to mud and sand it if we were covering it up. It would have made our lives so much easier! On top of that, I ended up getting really sick Sunday afternoon and Cory had to go back to work on Monday. Plus, we didn’t really do any research on how to hang the bead board and molding so there were a lot of places that didn’t line up and we weren’t exactly sure what to do with the seams of the bead board.

Obviously, we kind of jumped into this project before we were ready which is how 99% of my projects go but Cory made it work.

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I feel like we learned a lot that we could use if we ever decided to remove the tile in our full bath but I’m not sure we are ready to take on a project that big. And obviously it took way longer than anticipated. It was frustrating living with the mess for a full week and I’m pretty sure Cory hated me that entire time because while he was working on finishing it every evening, I was laid up on the couch sick as a dog. Even with the frustrations we faced, I still {two years later, remember?} love the results! It’s so light and airy and perfect place for me to get ready in the mornings.

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33 thoughts on “Half Bathroom Remodel

  1. Wow–that’s a huge change! Even just the sink makes a big difference in the look of the room, but it definitely looks way better without the tile!

    1. Thank you, sweets and I thought you might :) But I can’t even compare our measly little bath to all the hard work y’all have done! Y’all are remodel champs!

    1. Thanks, sweets! I’ve told people before that if we can survive remodeling that bathroom together we can survive anything! That’s what I’m really impressed about :) Our poor pups were so confused and just wanted to go to bed!

  2. Wow it looks awesome! Your bathroom looks very similar to our half bath. We didn’t have to do as big a remodel as you, but both our toilet and sink and were black porcelain (hello 1980s) so we replaced those and repainted.

    1. Girl, it was a way bigger task than we thought. That would be why our bigger, full bath still has 60’s tile in it. But it was so dark and gloomy before and I LOVE the how clean the white makes it look {unless there is a layer of my makeup on everything which is 99% always}!

    1. HAHA! It’s just for a few pictures before I hand them back over to Cory, normally. The demolition was actually kind of fun though! But thank you! Looking at the total transformation still blows my mind.

  3. This is another amazing bathroom transformation! You guys did an awesome job and I love all the little details you added and everything you picked out!

  4. I just found you on Rachel’s blog. I love this bathroom! That is such a huge project to take on. It is so pretty and light. I love pedestal sinks and bead board. In fact, that is practically why we bought our house. :)

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