Bathroom Makeover: part one

Bathroom makeover part one


Three and half years ago we got the keys to our house Labor Day weekend and had two weeks before our wedding to get it painted and moved in to. Our families and close friends helped us all weekend and we were able to get it done in two days. On the day we got our keys {above with baby faced Gracie!} this is what the full bathroom looked like.


Because we didn’t have much time, we painted the walls to match the shower curtain, replaced the door a few months later and didn’t touch it again until a few weeks ago when we decided to start on our bathroom makeover.

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 The cabinets were this awful yellowing off white color and the hardware was a retro 70’s style.

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When we put new doors in, we were lazy and hung them just as we bought them which was just primed but not painted. Until I saw the picture, I didn’t realize how gross the back of our door was. The trim around the door and window weren’t quite as yellow as the cabinets but definitely had a yellow tint to them. The metal on the light was covered in rust and not mention completely out dated.

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Now, we’ve still got a lot of work left to do but some small changes went a LONG way.

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First, everything got a fresh coat of Valspar paint in Bistro White. I’m talking about cabinets, the window and door and we even painted spilled some on the grout to whiten it up a little. We could have stopped there and it would have looked like a completely new bathroom.

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Second, we updated the face of the cabinets {I will be sharing more on that soon} and all the hardware got replaced. You can’t really see it that well in any of these photos, but the “shoe molding” below this cabinet was actually about 30 years of caulk. No joke, it was at least 3 inches thick and almost brown. We pulled all of it up and replaced it with actual trim.

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For some reason, this cabinet didn’t have trim all the way around it {just on the sides} so we pulled off the old and added new trim.

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We weren’t planning on changing the light but found this one on sale at Lowe’s so we went ahead and picked it up. If I can ever decide on a new color that matches the blue tile, we are going to ax the brown. When we repaint, we will fix the holes from the old light.

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 No more grungy door!

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 So, there you have the first part of our bathroom makeover. Cory and I know that this house will more than likely not be our forever home so we have to be cautious not to fork over too much money for our updates {which is why we won’t be getting rid of the tile in this bathroom like we did in our 1/2 bathroom}. However, after we got done, we were kicking ourselves for not making these changes sooner. The most expensive part of this update was the paint, it was less than $100, but I think we can all agree how much the fresh paint updated the look of our bathroom!

I’m sharing my bathroom update with some sweet friends-Jenni, Sam and Reneé over Tuesday Tea and Mandy @ House of Rose. 

36 thoughts on “Bathroom Makeover: part one

  1. Looks awesome you guys!!!! It is amazing what some cabinet hardware lights and paint can do!! we had to pretty much do every single bit of floors and paint in our new house because it was outdated and not our colors, so it looks amazing to me now but it has been hard work! we just finished the kitchen, well hubby finished the kitchen this weekend lol! great job!! I might post some of our makeover pics soon!

    1. Thank you! Because we know that we will probably sell this house, we don’t want to invest more than we would get out of the selling price but these were some easy fixes that didn’t take too much time or money. Easy DIY for the win!

  2. This looks amazing! Such a good example of how you can transform a space without starting from scratch! I think the light fixture makes the biggest difference in the overall feel!

    1. Thank you! And I agree! We could have ripped it all out but we really didn’t have the time or money. I’m so happy we found the light on sale because the old one was UGLY!

  3. your bathroom looks amazing! I’m loving all of the hardware and your paint color choices. That is definitely going to be my biggest problem when we move into a house one day – choosing paint colors!

    1. Oh, girl! I struggle with this. I’ve been waiting to paint my bedroom for a year because I can’t decide on a color. Cory said he was just gonna paint it one day without me there!

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