Baker’s 3 Month Photos


A few weeks ago, we had Baker’s first milestone pictures, 3 months, taken by our photographer, Chase Todd and I just have to share them! Chase did such a good job capturing her little personality. It fell perfectly between her nap and bottle and she was so happy and alert the whole 30-minute session–definitely a relief for our first real photo session since the hospital! Cory and I had a ball just watching Chase and Baker being silly while she hammed it up for the camera.

baker-3-months-1 img_0087 img_0091 img_0096

Nobody told us she was going to turn into such a silly goose so early! But the little gummy grins just make us so happy…

img_0120baker-3-months-2 img_0140 img_0142 img_0160baker-3-months-3 img_0192 img_0194 img_0212

Baker was such a good sport about the costume changes–if I didn’t know any better I’d┬áthink she actually enjoyed the photo sesh.

Even when we stuck her in a bucket.

img_0231 img_0232 img_0237 img_0239 img_0248 img_0264 img_0287 img_0288 img_0317baker-3-months-5

All in all, seeing these photos just reminds me of how blessed we are to have such a beautiful and sweet little angel as our daughter. Cory and I couldn’t be any prouder of this girl!

14 thoughts on “Baker’s 3 Month Photos

  1. So I have to ask – did you or Cory have hair like that as a baby? Its just so amazing she’s kept it all. Babies usually loose it – hers looks thicker than ever.
    She’s already a little diva with that camera, huh? ;)

  2. Love these! What a great photographer. They look great, though with such a perfect subject how could they have been anything else but beautiful!

  3. Oh my heavens she is ADORABLE! Her outfits are to die for! Isn’t it so fun dressing a little girl up!? Beautiful photos! I don’t know how you could choose your favorites!

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