Baker Meets Santa

“Santaaaa! I know him! I know him!”

(I know that’s not exactly how the quote goes, but who cares?)

A few weekends ago, we took Baker to meet Santa and I absolutely died of all the cuteness. Our photographer, Chase Todd Photography, had it all set up at his house and I loved the rustic Christmas theme. This is definitely the way to do Santa pictures, by the way…no long lines or cheap backgrounds, just clean, efficient, comfortable, and cute! We were in and out within 30 minutes and got great pictures!


Someone asked if I thought Baker would be scared of Santa…have you met my baby? Nothing bothers her and she ain’t scared of nothin’! I swear, she’s the most laid-back baby! She and Santa were fast friends and I think he may have been enjoying it more than she was.

But how could he not???

img_0987 img_1013Dress | Bow | Shoes

img_1022 img_1025 img_1051 img_1060

By the way, when did my baby get so big? She shouldn’t be sitting up like this! She’s still a little newborn, right?!

img_1065 img_1074

After her turn was up, I had to go over to the computer table and choose the shots that I liked. Cory went to grab Baker from Santa and Santa shut him down! He told Cory, “we’re just fine–you just go do what you gotta do over there and we’re gonna sit over here for a minute”…does that mean we get she gets extra presents?!


I haven’t printed any pictures of Baker yet, and I have GOT to get on that (as well as my long list of other things I need to do…yikes.) but can I just have one of each of these in the biggest print possible?

The holidays with our sweet girl have already been so much more fun and I can’t wait to celebrate the birth of our Savior with Miss Baker Bea.

2 thoughts on “Baker Meets Santa

  1. Oh my goodness… what a fun idea to do photos. I love its all set up for you. It’s all so beautiful too.
    What an amazing Santa. You can tell he loves holding her. A perfect Santa.
    I’m also cracking up she’s more intrigued by everything going on behind the camera. Keeping an eye on momma & daddy, I’m sure ;)
    How could you choose in these pictures? They are all so dang adorable!!!

    1. It was SO much more pleasant than going to wait in a long line with a 5 month old! He was probably the best Santa that I’ve seen in a long time! And yes! We were acting fools trying to get her to smile but she would not look at the camera! Ha! I think I’ll just print them all…nothing wrong with that, right?

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