Baker Bea | 6 Months

Baker 6 Months 27

1/2 year. We have made it six whole months as new parents. On January 8th, Baker turned 6 months old and it was easily one of the greatest months yet because it was full of so many firsts! Pictures are getting harder and harder to capture because half of them end up like this…

Baker 6 Months 5

Or this…

Baker 6 Months 22


Weight: 17 lbs 8 oz (80th %)
Birth: 8 lbs 6 oz

Length: 27 3/8 in (90th %)
Birth: 21 in

Head: 16 6/8 in (50th %)
Birth: 13.5 in


Rolls on rolls on rolls, y’all. Baker is obviously a healthy girl and I adore every single roll on those legs and arms. She is in mostly 6-month clothes with a few 9-months, and in size 2 diapers. Can you believe we still haven’t had to buy any diapers?!

Baker Rolls


LOVES Chewing on her feet, fake coughing, blowing bubbles, and the “jiggle song” (to the tune of Wobble Baby) we sing to get her in her pants. ? Unfortunately, she already loves cell phones (she goes after them!) and shows/movies with bright colors but we do attempt to limit screen time or try to avoid it all together. Sometimes, like when you have a screaming baby on the way home from a 6-hour road trip, or you’re just desperate for a quick shower, you give in and let baby watch Curious George or Lilo and Stitch. Judge me if you want.


Baker also adores her Aunt Gaga (my little sister). Gracie can literally do anything and get a laugh out of Baker.

HATES Napping at the sitter’s, seeing her bottle and having to wait to get it (once she sees it, it better be in her mouth in like 2 seconds or she’s gonna scream and try to snatch it)


Baker is still one of the most laid back babies I’ve ever met, which is such a blessing. There are just so few things that she doesn’t love!

SLEEP This girl is a champ in the sleep department. We traveled to Alabama for Christmas and she slept like a rock every night in her pack and play. She typically goes down before 9:00 pm and most mornings, I have to wake her up around 6:30 to eat and go to the sitter. Is there anything worse than waking a snoozy baby???


Sometimes after her first bottle, she knocks back out.


EAT For the majority of month 6, Baker was eating six (sometimes seven) 4-oz bottles every day but the sitter seemed to think that she was still hungry so we bumped her up to five 5-oz bottles. After that, she does seem more satisfied and can go 3-4 hours between feedings. She actually eats less at home than when she’s at the sitter’s because we feed her when she starts showing hunger cues rather than on a strict schedule. We also started her on solids over Christmas break. Her first taste was sweet potatoes!


She had no trouble devouring it even with skipping the cereal stage. We started with veggies and slowly worked our way through a few different ones. Her favorite so far seems to be butternut squash.

PLAY These little hands are always busy busy! Now that motor control is starting to be a thing, Baker is playing with everything she can get her hands on. She’s really starting to figure toys out and how to enjoy playing with them. She’s also just discovered that the dogs can be fun toys if they get too close–poor ears, tails, and faces! Speaking of faces, she also loves to touch and play with people’s faces (those little nails can hurt!)

The day that we left to go to Alabama for Christmas, I picked Baker up from the sitter and made a comment about her not rolling over yet. The sitter informed us that she had, in fact, been rolling from back to belly and belly to back for a few weeks. It would have been nice to know this because we tried everything we could think of (literally everything…we looked ridiculous!) to try and entice her to roll over. Turns out, she already could and just didn’t want to show us! Once she started rolling over though, you can’t keep this girl in one spot. She likes to roll all over the place!

She also loves staring at herself in mirrors and usually giggles at the little girl staring back.


When Baker does eventually slow down from grabbing everything in her sight and rolling all over the living room, she is super snuggly!



Baker went on her first trip to Alabama to visit Mamady!

Darla and B

She celebrated her first Christmas!


We had our first mountain getaway to Lake Lure!


Baker took her first sink bath!


And she went on her first hiking adventure to Chimney Rock.


Mama gave Bakey her first (of many) ponytails…


And she wasn’t really sure what to think about it!


She had her first bites of solid food!

First Food

We celebrated her first New Year’s Eve with the Capps’ watching Clemson beat Ohio State and finished our Christmas break with a family day in bed!




We woke up one Saturday morning to a beautiful snow!

IMG_1821 - Copy IMG_1842

And Baker got to go on her first sled ride!


Snow day hair!


Baker 6 Months 2

To Bakey,

Life with you is so much more fun than we could have ever imagined. Your sense of humor is really showing as you start interacting with us and with this big new world around you. You keep us laughing with your silly faces, spitting and talking, squeals, and unexpected laughter. Your smile is so infectious, smiling with your whole face and sometimes your whole body!

Christmas time, like it is for so many other families, is such an emotional time and so meaningful, full of rich memories and love for friends and family. To celebrate your first one, beginning to include you in our family traditions and building new traditions around you, was such an honor and we are so grateful that we were blessed to share it with you.

From your silly hair to your beautiful eyes, from your chunky legs to your gummy smile, from your snuggliest snuggles to your worst of crying fits, we love you.

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8 thoughts on “Baker Bea | 6 Months

  1. She looks like she’s always on the go. What a fun age.
    That giggle of hers. I love she loves her aunt so much. That’ll be a sweet relationship to watch.
    Oh my gosh… her rolls… I just love when babies have them. Good sign of a healthy baby.
    I cant believe she’s 6 months. That’s just crazy.

  2. Sooo many adorable pictures of little miss Baker Bea! Love that she loves her Aunt Gracie so much! Remi is the same way about my little sister too! So jealous of her being a sleep champ! ;)

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