Baby Sloan is on the Way!

While everyone else up and down the east coast was expecting a blizzard today, Cory and I are over here expecting a…

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And we couldn’t be more thrilled! It’s been the hardest secret to keep the past 13 weeks but well worth the wait to see our sweet Hot Pie, not once but twice the past month.

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I will be sharing all the details about our first trimester next week and also can’t wait to share the reactions we got from our family. They were all perfect and priceless!

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12 thoughts on “Baby Sloan is on the Way!

  1. I cant tell you how happy I am this news is out… so many times I had to stop & re-EVALUATE my comments here so I wouldnt give anything away :) … like Christmas when you said you were sick, I almost put, “& you cant take cold medicine, can you”… nope – back space -delete :) haha…

    I’m so happy you can share your news now… I’m so excited for you two!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh! Paige!!! I am so excited for y’all! What wonderful news! Sorry to hear about the “morning” sickness. My Dr gave me the same nauseau pills and it helped a lot. I hope it is working for you too. I can’t wait to read more. Gosh, that is such good news!

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