90s Party

Since we are officially over a month out from our community group’s 90s party, I figured I should share all the rad decorations we had.

Keep in mind that as of the night before this party, I had zero {zilch, nada} decorations done. But I kept the decorations simple and Cory and Gracie were troopers and helped me pull off a totally phat 90s party.

90s themed party

My cupcake stand was made out of boxes spray painted black and cassette tapes we ganked from the thrift store, spray painted and wicked glittered.

90s party decorations90s party90s party decorations90s party food

Like the decorations, I kept the food simple and, like, so totally 90s including Bugles, homemade Dunkaroos, Ringpops and some Nerd-sprinkled cupcakes.

90s party food table

For my backdrop, I used a black plastic tablecloth and squirted different colors of craft paint all over it. Easy peasy. I thought it turned out mad tight.

90s themed party decorations

We drank Cheerwine and Orange Crush with some wack pineapple straws. NOT!

90s themed party decorations90s themed party food

You can read all about my fly 90s photobooth here.

90s photobooth

90s party photobooth

And what 90s Party is complete without some good ‘ole VHS tapes…

90s themed party decorations 90s party decoration ideas 90s party decorations

…Ninja Turtle bean bag, which was da bomb…

90s party

…and of course, Super Nintendo ?

90s themed party IMG_1040 resized IMG_1041 wm

The costumes were probably the best part of the party. Everyone did a great job channeling their inner 90s self.

IMG_1067 IMG_1068 IMG_1071 IMG_1072 IMG_1074 IMG_1075 resized IMG_1077 IMG_1078IMG_1056 IMG_1128

And some Ringpops all around. All that and a bag of chips.

IMG_1129IMG_1103IMG_1099IMG_1100 resized

So this party was all of Cory’s 90s dreams come true and I’m so glad we were able to pull it off and have such a great time with our community group. Themed parties may be my new favorite kind of party to throw :)

Thanks to Cory for all the 90s vocab!

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