8 degrees, y’all.

You can see that, right? No, you’re not mistaken. When I got in my car this morning, it was 8 degrees. And I live in South Carolina! I’ve never experienced this cold of weather. 

To make this chilly morning a little better, I decided to break in my new mug that Gracie got me for Christmas. Isn’t it cute?

We knew we were in for cold weather, so we stocked up on firewood last night and got us a warm fire burning, just in case we lost power. Thank goodness we didn’t but much of our county did. I can’t think of anything I enjoy more than cuddling with my family in front of a warm fire!

I wish I was at home curled up in front of the fire right now because when I got to work this morning, we discovered that the heat is out in our building. It’s freezing. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon because my hands are already going numb. 

Stay warm, my friends.

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