Baker Bea | 7 Months

Baker 7 months

As of February 8th, we’ve had seven sweet months with our girl. After a month full of travel, exciting firsts, and holiday celebrations, we decided to take it easy in January–and the rest was definitely needed!

We spent a lot of time snuggled up together as a family and started our year off with an easy start. I never get tired of these sweet, sweet snuggles and we’re going to take advantage of every one as long as she wants to snuggle with us!

Sleepy 2

Cory and I made the difficult, yet easy decision to pull Baker out of the sitter in January. Decisions like this, to uproot your child from her routine, are never easy to make; however, it was apparent to us that Baker was not adjusting well. She had been there just over two months and wouldn’t nap and often cried the majority of the day–she was coming home miserably tired and visibly upset and drained. Sometimes babies just aren’t a good fit, and we had to do what was best for Baker. For all of about two seconds we were worried about where we would send Baker each day when Cory’s grandmother offered to keep her for us. Y’all, I literally cried tears of joy. Until you’ve left your baby with complete strangers, I don’t think you can fully understand the struggle of being a working parent. For the first time since returning to work, I didn’t dread waking up in the morning and leaving her (Although I’d still rather be with her!) knowing that she is being taken care of and loved by family each day. Plus, Nanny, Papa, and some days Gigi, Pops, and Aunt T are LOVING getting to spend time with Baker. #spreadingthelove


I’m happy to report that Baker is now taking two semi-regular naps each day (she always takes a 1-2 hour afternoon nap) and very rarely fusses–she loves her Nanny and Papa and they sure are sweet on her too!


When she gets home in the evenings, she is just a happier baby. Plus, my anxiety has calmed down so much–I was having some pretty severe anxiety issues before we pulled her. Best decision we’ve made as parents thus far!


Weight: 18 lbs 6 oz
Birth: 8 lbs 6 oz

We went ahead and moved Baker up to size 3 diapers because she ran out of size 2’s and had a few boxes of 3’s. They were a little big at first but we didn’t have to buy any, so that was a win. Baker is in size 9-month clothes for the most part. Her body is smaller on the top than the bottom so most 9-month onesies and shirts are too big and the bottoms either fit or are a little tight. Or super tight. Girl’s got some thick thighs.

We noticed that her hair is beginning to lay down this month. Cue the tears, again. Would it be bad if I just blow dry it up? I’m not ready for her to lose that sticky-uppy hair. It’s her trademark!


But, at least she still rocks the bed head every morning.

Bed head

I think she will definitely have curly hair like her mama.


Girlfriend still hasn’t cut a tooth. She’s been “teething” for months now (at least that’s what we’ve told ourselves to explain the constant drooling and gnawing…Cory says the differences between Baker and Charley get fewer every day) and any day, we expect to see one pop through. I don’t mind that gummy smile, though–definitely not ready to see that go away any time soon!


LOVES A few of Baker’s favorites right now are anything she can put in her mouth (everything goes straight to the mouth) and her Jellycat, Bun.

Baker 4

She is currently in the phase where pretty much anything you do is belly laughable…especially fake coughing or sneezing at her–she thinks it’s hilarious! She loves the dogs, like really loves them. From petting them, to pulling their ears, to trying to pull their lips off (sorry, Stein!), she’s all about trying to play with them and figure them out. If they just walk by, she laughs. If Charley is just laying on the couch, Baker laughs. Too bad none of them care anything about her. Like seriously don’t care if she disappeared tomorrow. You can tell by the looks their faces.


She of course, still loves her bath time. Poor child only gets a bath 1-2 times a week (okay, we’re lazy) but is perfectly content in the tub (or sink).

Bath time

HATES I feel like I say this every month but Baker is really a silly, happy baby. She rarely fusses and almost always has a smile on her face.

Happy Baker

Even in a laundry basket, she’s happy!


However, when she wakes up in the morning, she hates waiting on a bottle. She doesn’t want to be snuggled or even changed, she just wants to eat. Ha! She is still not a huge fan of her car seat either but once we moved the straps up again and took out the insert, it seemed to help. Other than that, there’s not much else that she dislikes!

SLEEP Whew! Sleep was rough for a few weeks during month 7. Baker got really sick- it started with a barky cough which turned into a bad cold and it lasted for about 3 weeks–which meant that she was getting up multiple times a night for a few weeks. We put a humidifier in her room and raised the head of her mattress to try to help with drainage, but it didn’t seem to help much. She also dealt with some constipation and there were a few nights where she would scream out in pain and there was just nothing we could do for her other than a little prune concentrate and snuggles. It was pitiful, yet exhausting because we had gotten so used to her sleeping all night for the past six months or so. We backed off solids for about two weeks and upped her water intake, which helped with the constipation, and once she felt better from the cold, she was back to sleeping all night. Praise the Lord. Mama and Daddy do not function well without sleep.


One important thing we learned this month was to keep Baker on a routine for bed time. Cory got a little slack and lazy (his words, not mine!) and started keeping her in the living room and rocking her to sleep while we were watching TV, often times not in her sleep sack. Not only did she have trouble going to sleep that way (she gets her easily-distractedness from her mama!) but she had trouble staying asleep while being transferred to bed–or we even had to wake her up because she hadn’t been fully ready for bed yet. Of course, once we got back to feeding her and putting her to sleep in her room fully ready for bed, we noticed a vast improvement. I guess it’s true that babies thrive on routine.


She’s about outgrown her sleep sack though, and I really hope she continues to sleep well when we transition her to one without the swaddle part, even though she’s never let us swaddle her arms.


EAT We kind of jumped the gun too quickly with solids and started feeding Baker two containers of baby food a day, one at lunch and one at dinner…until she started dealing with that awful constipation. We couldn’t get her to drink water (not even out of a bottle) so we cut solids completely out for two weeks. When we restarted them, we started feeding her half a container of baby food at lunch. Some days, we give her some yogurt with her lunch, but we are sticking with the half-container of food for a few more weeks until her little belly does a little better with processing it. We are trying to push water as much as possible, even if we have to give her 5 mL from a medicine dropper. Eventually, we’ll start feeding her another half-container in the evenings, once her stomach has had plenty of time to adjust. We are really in no rush to push solids on her since she is still getting all of her nutrition from breastmilk and doesn’t really need them. I have, however, been on the hunt for a sippy cup she’ll take. I think I’ve bought about 7 different sippy cups to try and find the right one, and she either has trouble figuring out how to drink out of them or they have some design element that doesn’t work for us.


PLAY Baker is sitting up really good by herself now. We still like to keep a boppy around her because she has lost her balance a few times–resulting in some unpleasant bumps to her poor little head! Of course, these “losses of balance” have been due to her throwing herself backwards trying to get herself upside down (more on that later)! Depending on her mood, most of the time she’ll play in the floor with her toys and enjoys being down there. Now that she is sitting up though, she hates to be on her tummy even more.


So Baker really likes being upside down for some reason. She started with arching her back when you pick her up so she can get her head upside down. If she’s laying in your lap, she’ll use her feet to push herself back until she’s hanging off your knees. If you have her in your arms walking around, you better hold on tight because at any second she might decide she needs to be upside down and away she goes! However, she doesn’t quite have the concept of needing to be elevated to be upside down yet, so there have been instances that she’s tried to arch herself back while she was on the floor and bomped that noggin–luckily we keep her on the foam mat on the floor! Little weirdy.


Also, something we’ve been anxiously awaiting, she’s finally started reaching for us! It’s always a sweet moment when your child starts to reach for you, and nothing warms our hearts more than walking in and she reaches to be closer to us!


First trip to Death Valley to celebrate Clemson’s National Championship!



Her first time singing the Alma Mater in Death Valley. Her fingers and timing need a little help, though. Consciousness usually helps.


First time riding in a buggy, which resulted in taking about 2 hours to get through the grocery store because everyone stopped to tell us how cute she is.


Her first sick visit to the doctor :( (At least she looked cute!)


First time realizing the camera on the wall moves!


Cory can not stop laughing at this picture. When the camera moved and it caught her eye, it blew her little mind! She stared at it forever trying to catch it moving again.

Baker 7 months 2

To Baker:

Although this was a rough month for you, what with the tummyaches and that nasty cold, the rough days at the sitter and the bumps to the head, you already showed us how much strength you have inside you, and your sweet spirit stayed true through it all. No matter how bad you felt, or how tired you were, you still tried to smile and have fun through it. We can see great things in you already. As you begin to figure out your family, from the dogs to us parents, we promise to show you the love that we share that has brought you to us–a love that you already seem to understand and reflect. Although it’s so much fun to watch you grow and develop, we sure do wish you’d slow down a little bit so we can enjoy it a little longer!

Baker 7 months 3 Baker 7 months 7

She was not feeling these pictures!

Baker 7 months 9 Baker 7 months 11 Baker 7 months 13 Baker 7 months 29 Baker 7 months 23Baker Baker 7 months 30 Baker 7 months 16Baker 2 Baker 7 months 42Baker 3

I never want to forget these chubby little hands and feet.

Baker 7 months 43Baker 7 months 46Baker 7 months 44

10 thoughts on “Baker Bea | 7 Months

  1. I just cant… this baby makes me smile the biggest smiles!!!!
    I’m so glad she’s with my grandparents during the day – the bond they’ll have as she grows up is so special!!!!!
    Boo for being sick this past month – but you’re right, she was pretty dang cute in that outfit.
    You wonder what was in her mind seeing the camera move. “is it alive? A toy? A friend?”

    1. So often, I wish I knew what she was thinking! There is a little light on the camera so we’ve caught her staring at it a few times! It’s a little creepy. Haha! We are so lucky that his grandparents are keeping her! She is SPOILED ROTTEN!

  2. That picture of her looking at the camera is hysterical! She is such a cutie pie. I’m glad she’s happy with her grandparents during the day – I’m sure that makes things easier on all of you!

  3. oh my goodness, how hilarious that she loves to be upside down. i love doing that to babies or kids. give me a child and i will flip them upside down. haha. her hair! sad that it is laying down more but it is still super adorable. that photo where she’s looking up at Cory is too freaking cute!

  4. Oh my gosh! She is too much!!!! I’m so glad she is feeling better. Way to go on surviving her first sickness, too.
    I know the frustration with waiting for teeth. Everyone but my mom & Justin’s grandmother said I was wrong when Reagan first teethed. He was chewing & drooling on everything all of the time. It took close to 3 months for those first teeth to show. It has been like that with every tooth. So exciting when they finally show up for them!
    Reagan struggled with sippy cups, so we tried the ones with straws. Tommee Tippee has good ones, but they do leak when just sitting alone. My parents got some from Munchkin at Christmas- AMAZING! No leaks, easy to take apart & clean & soft straws.

    1. Yes! It took her forever for them to come through! Teething for months! We have started using the NUK sippy cups. She can drink out of those easily now but they leak when upside down. 😕 I have one of the straw Tommee Tippee ones. We’ll probably start her on it soon!

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