Baker Bea | 4 Months


(Cory took these pictures hence the crazy hair and no bow but that smile!)

Oh hey, month 4 (She was 4 months on November 8th and my goal is to to get caught up over Christmas break!). You were such a fun but difficult month full of all kinds of new adventures! We have been slowly adjusting to life as a full-time working parents and just when things started to feel normal, we were thrown for a bit of a loop. Our first sitter quit unexpectedly quit on us on Halloween, but thankfully our friends and family stepped up to help until we were able to find another sitter. I feel like this was the first month that we struggled. Our sleepy-all-the-time newborn is gone and we now have a very active, needs-much-more-attention baby. We love how fun this stage is but there were some really long days adjusting. I also felt like my hormones were the most out of whack this month. It could have been Cory’s busy work schedule, but there were many days that I felt very overwhelmed. But, we all survived and made some wonderful 4-month memories!

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Christmas Cards 2016

With a whopping 4 days to spare, this mama got her Christmas cards in the mail! Whew! Talk about a tight deadline! I’ve had them for about two weeks now but we ended up going out of town last weekend and it threw me off my schedule a little.

Christmas cards

Are you tired of hearing about our wonderful photographer yet? I hope not because I have to rave again about how good Chase Todd did with our Christmas tree farm session and designing our cards for us. I typically like to do that myself but it sure was nice not having to this year!

Christmas cards

Can we talk about Baker’s hair for a second? Look at it glowing in the sun!

Christmas card

Last year, I used Minted and had the addresses printed for me and the year before, I printed them myself. Since I didn’t have time this year to do much of anything, they got a red pen and my sloppy writing. Hopefully people didn’t pay attention to my writing and just looked at the cute babe on the card!

Christmas card

And here a few of my favorite takes from our tree farm session!

From our family to yours, we wish you the merriest of Christmases!

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Baker Meets Santa

“Santaaaa! I know him! I know him!”

(I know that’s not exactly how the quote goes, but who cares?)

A few weekends ago, we took Baker to meet Santa and I absolutely died of all the cuteness. Our photographer, Chase Todd Photography, had it all set up at his house and I loved the rustic Christmas theme. This is definitely the way to do Santa pictures, by the way…no long lines or cheap backgrounds, just clean, efficient, comfortable, and cute! We were in and out within 30 minutes and got great pictures!


Someone asked if I thought Baker would be scared of Santa…have you met my baby? Nothing bothers her and she ain’t scared of nothin’! I swear, she’s the most laid-back baby! She and Santa were fast friends and I think he may have been enjoying it more than she was.

But how could he not???

img_0987 img_1013Dress | Bow | Shoes

img_1022 img_1025 img_1051 img_1060

By the way, when did my baby get so big? She shouldn’t be sitting up like this! She’s still a little newborn, right?!

img_1065 img_1074

After her turn was up, I had to go over to the computer table and choose the shots that I liked. Cory went to grab Baker from Santa and Santa shut him down! He told Cory, “we’re just fine–you just go do what you gotta do over there and we’re gonna sit over here for a minute”…does that mean we get she gets extra presents?!


I haven’t printed any pictures of Baker yet, and I have GOT to get on that (as well as my long list of other things I need to do…yikes.) but can I just have one of each of these in the biggest print possible?

The holidays with our sweet girl have already been so much more fun and I can’t wait to celebrate the birth of our Savior with Miss Baker Bea.

Baker’s 3 Month Photos

A few weeks ago, we had Baker’s first milestone pictures, 3 months, taken by our photographer, Chase Todd and I just have to share them! Chase did such a good job capturing her little personality. It fell perfectly between her nap and bottle and she was so happy and alert the whole 30-minute session–definitely a relief for our first real photo session since the hospital! Cory and I had a ball just watching Chase and Baker being silly while she hammed it up for the camera.

img_0061baker-3-months-1 img_0087 img_0091 img_0096

Nobody told us she was going to turn into such a silly goose so early! But the little gummy grins just make us so happy…

img_0120baker-3-months-2 img_0140 img_0142 img_0160baker-3-months-3 img_0192 img_0194 img_0212

Baker was such a good sport about the costume changes–if I didn’t know any better I’d think she actually enjoyed the photo sesh.

Even when we stuck her in a bucket.

img_0231 img_0232 img_0237 img_0239 img_0248 img_0264 img_0287 img_0288 img_0317baker-3-months-5

All in all, seeing these photos just reminds me of how blessed we are to have such a beautiful and sweet little angel as our daughter. Cory and I couldn’t be any prouder of this girl!