Baker’s 3 Month Photos

A few weeks ago, we had Baker’s first milestone pictures, 3 months, taken by our photographer, Chase Todd and I just have to share them! Chase did such a good job capturing her little personality. It fell perfectly between her nap and bottle and she was so happy and alert the whole 30-minute session–definitely a relief for our first real photo session since the hospital! Cory and I had a ball just watching Chase and Baker being silly while she hammed it up for the camera.

img_0061baker-3-months-1 img_0087 img_0091 img_0096

Nobody told us she was going to turn into such a silly goose so early! But the little gummy grins just make us so happy…

img_0120baker-3-months-2 img_0140 img_0142 img_0160baker-3-months-3 img_0192 img_0194 img_0212

Baker was such a good sport about the costume changes–if I didn’t know any better I’d think she actually enjoyed the photo sesh.

Even when we stuck her in a bucket.

img_0231 img_0232 img_0237 img_0239 img_0248 img_0264 img_0287 img_0288 img_0317baker-3-months-5

All in all, seeing these photos just reminds me of how blessed we are to have such a beautiful and sweet little angel as our daughter. Cory and I couldn’t be any prouder of this girl!

Baker Bea | 3 Months

Go ahead and officially call me the worst blogger ever! This post is, again, a month behind (seriously, she was 4 MONTHS on 11/8) but I’m having the hardest time adjusting to being a working mom and still finding time to do things like blog or shower regularly.


But, I really want to remember these days so I’m composing this post from the notes I’ve jotted down in my phone the past few weeks. Also, Cory is chiming in today because this mama needed some help!


Three whole months with our gal! Month three was such a bittersweet month. We slowly saw our newborn baby fading away and a smiley, more alert baby take her place. Her personality (which is laid back to the core!) really started to surface the past couple of weeks. I really, really enjoyed the newborn stage and while I know I will enjoy each new stage as they come, my time home with Baker was such a sweet, sweet time for us both. From the peaceful feedings to snuggly naps, I feel like I tried my best to soak up every single second I had while on maternity leave.

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