Confessions part 3

It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged about anything besides my growing belly so I thought I would try to bounce back with a good ‘ole confessions roundup. I’ve had some of these written down for a while now so if they sound like I wasn’t pregnant when I typed them, I probably wasn’t.

Here we go! I confess…

I walk through the house singing “every light in the house is on” at least once a week because there’s a certain human being with whom I cohabitate that can’t turn a light off to save his life. I get this honestly from my Dad, though. When I was younger, my siblings and I were bad about leaving the lights on behind ourselves and he would go through the house turning off lights and saying something like, “power’s not free.” I never understood it until I had a power bill of my own.



I’m not a fan of thrift stores. It’s not that I don’t like getting a steal, it’s the digging through stuff, new or used, that I don’t like. My husband, on the other hand, didn’t own one single piece of clothing that wasn’t from a thrift store when we first met.

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I am definitely a creature of habit. I very rarely try new dishes at a restaurant and I like to fall asleep to the same album every. single. night. Trying new things is scary, you know!


One of my biggest fears in life is riding beside semi trucks. I mean, can they really see me?

eI2aRZSsRzYm3wxttLEw_Gate Knockout

When I run out of deodorant, I’ll just wear Cory’s until I can remember to get another stick, which has been up to a week before. Speaking of which, I need to get more deodorant.

I did not know this. –Cory

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If I had a ton of money to waste, I would waste it on a Slush Puppie machine.


This is how Slush Puppies make me feel, by the way.

Before I got pregnant and could eat eggs, I googled how to cook eggs in the microwave one time because I didn’t want to wash the frying pan.



I was talking to a student the other day and was trying to say “After I started” but it came out “After I farted”.


I don’t get why some people address their mom as mother. “Mother, I can’t talk right now.” It just always sounds so hateful.


My mom never takes her rings off {I’m actually not even sure if she can} but I can’t sleep in any jewelry. My fingers swell when I sleep and the feeling of not being able to get my rings off sends me into panic mode and I’m about 100% certain I will lose the end of my ring finger.

pZ1wyvRduhvMfzGMq5Ug_Dog Car Mirror Freak

While on our babymoon, Cory took a picture of me at dinner one night. Later, he confessed that he took the picture because my boobs looked so good in the dress I was wearing. Being 7 months pregnant, I was all like “aww…so sweet!” Until he finished the sentence with “You know, because they’ll never look like that again.”

giphy (2)

In his defense, he said that he meant they would probably return to their smaller, pre-pregnancy size after the baby is born, but we all know the truth.


And last, but certainly not least, I confess that I am ready to have this baby! This pregnancy hasn’t been the easiest and I’m so anxious to meet our sweet girl! Let the single digit weekly countdown begin (EEK!) and I’ll be back tomorrow with my 30-week bumpdate!

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