Halloween 2017

Halloween Bee Costume

Goodness, y’all. I feel like every time I update here, I talk about how crazy our lives have been and today is no different! The past few months have been an incredibly crazy whirlwind. We spent the better part of the past few months fundraising for our trip to Rwanda, took a 15 month-old to Africa, and I started a new job!


Nothing like doing a Halloween update after Thanksgiving, amiright?

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Easy Halloween Mantel

Easey Halloween Mantel

I’m not one to go all out with Halloween decoration but it’s one of Cory’s favorite holidays and if it were up to him, our whole house would be decked out in spiders, skulls, and spooky stuff year-round. So when I came home from Target with a few decorations for a Halloween mantel, he was so excited! I was hesitant on it being too spooky and not cute/fun enough but have to say, I love how it turned out!

Since I’m a full-time working mom, I try to keep my holiday mantels simple and affordable and thanks to the Target Dollar Spot, I’ve been successful! You can see my Valentine’s Mantel here and like the good blogger I am, I didn’t even take pictures of my Easter/Spring mantel but it was there. There’s always next year, right?!

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Baker Bea | 12 Months

Wow! I let this post completely get away from me but the past two months have been a little chaotic for our family. We’ve had vacations and birthday parties, and are in full-swing fundraiser mode for Rwanda, but also dealt with some really hard things like job loss and the death of my grandmother. But I made it 11 months, so I have to finish recapping Baker’s last month as a baby. (Cue tears) You’ll have to excuse me if this post isn’t as detailed as the rest, but the months have started to collide together in my brain .

Twelve months. One whole year. Excuse me, while I cry in the corner and beg for someone to hold me. My baby is officially a toddler. How can that be???

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